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  1. You have no idea what James Morgan is. He might as well be Bryce Petty. There's a reason he was drafted in the 4th round. There's a reason Mike White is getting the 2nd most reps in OTA's. This training camp is only about 1 QB, Zach Wilson. The Jets should not and can not let him lose reps to QB's who would struggle to make a practice squad in most situations when there are capable veterans who don't need the reps and who the Coaching staff already knows. A veteran will be brought in before training camp. They will not go into the season with James Morgan as the backup when he can't even
  2. Keelan Cole is better and more versatile than Crowder. The Jets wouldn’t miss him at all.
  3. Keeping Crowder at $11 million means he's going to play. Which also means he's going to cut into Moore's playing time and that is not a good idea. There is no way you can keep an $11 million backup slot WR, especially if somebody is willing to give up an asset to obtain him.
  4. You should always want the best backup QB you can find. QB is too important to the success of the team to just act like it doesn't matter.
  5. I wouldn't mind bringing in Minshew either, I just don't think JD will give up a pick. Mullens is a year older and they are similar in terms of style. I just think the Coaching staff has a level of comfort with Mullens that can't be overlooked in this scenario.
  6. A 4th rd QB typically doesn't make it through his 1st contract with the team that drafted him and usually doesn't get a 2nd contract from any team. His 4th rd status guarantees him nothing.
  7. I can see it now. Jets are the biggest surprise of the season and are 7-4. Wilson gets injured and here comes..... James Morgan..... and the Jets finish 8-9. I'm sure you'll all be giving JD a pass for not bringing in a Mullens or Foles in that scenario???? If healthy, Mullens makes the most sense bc he knows the offense already and will need very limited reps in training camp. You have to consider that there are only 3 preseason games this year and in training camp Wilson will need every rep he can possibly get. There is no time and not enough reps to try to develop Morgan in camp
  8. Crowder is being traded. No reason to rush him getting injured at OTA's. He'll be traded before Camp, maybe even mini camp next week.
  9. Hurst is a better player than Herndon and I'm not sure its that close. He had his best year in 2020 after finally being utilized as the #1 guy. 56 rec and 6 tds in a WR heavy scheme. Meanwhile Herndon couldn't catch a cold last year.
  10. He is a self professed Dolphins fan. He's from Miami
  11. Crowder to Atlanta for Hurst makes too much sense now after the Julio trade. The Jets would have to eat some money but may get a 4th or 5th with Hurst in order to do so.
  12. This move would be 100% insurance for Becton. Moses would pay RT and Fant would move over to LT. Moses has never played another position besides RT and Fant has experience at LT. I'm not sure where all of those Moses to RG nonsense is coming from. He has zero experience there and this isn't Madden, you can't just slide guys over and assume it'll work
  13. In this scenario he would be under a 1 yr deal still just fully guaranteed. Mostly in a bonus I would assume. That would make him not tradeable bc the Jets aren't going to hand him a few million in a bonus just to trade him. If they do trade him it will be on his existing contract and it would make zero sense for Crowder to pass up an opportunity for FA unless he gets blown away by an extension offer. He will get way more money in FA next year then accepting a low ball extension offer now. It's either he takes less salary but more guaranteed money this year or he gets traded in his existi
  14. Nobody is getting a multi year deal this close to the season. $7 million guaranteed would be more money than anybody would pay him if he's released.
  15. I think Moore is going to be used a lot more outside. I have a feeling Mims is going to be behind Davis, Cole behind Moore with Crowder in the slot.
  16. Decrease his base salary but guarantee it. So instead of $11 million with no guaranteed money it decreases to $5-$6 million fully guaranteed. Saves cap space for a guy like Morgan Moses and gives Crowder some financial stability.
  17. No, they mentioned that Becton played near 380 lbs last year and if they would ask Becton to lose weight bc of the new zone scheme. That's when he said hes working to find a good weight for this offensive scheme. Saleh also mentioned how weight doesn't really matter its about maximizing quickness and power without losing either. Basically finding a happy medium. Becton is a special athlete even at 380 lbs. It had nothing to do with his appearance this year.
  18. That actually doesn't say anything about him bc you don't know why he's not there. Does it say the same thing for Crowder?? Stop assuming. I'm sure Saleh will be asked about it tomorrow at his press conference.
  19. You're trying to say Becton isn't passionate about football or the Jets and obviously you're wrong. That was the point of my post.
  20. No, it really doesn't. So Davante Adams, Juju, Chase Claypool, Dont’a Hightower, Stephon Gilmore, Devin McCourty and Trent Brown all hate football and their teams? They all skipped OTA's this year. I'm sure I can come up with at least 50 more guys if you'd like.
  21. The new Daily News writer is a self professed Dolphins fan. I wouldn't expect any positive stories about the Jets unless it's nearly impossible to write something negative
  22. It's voluntary. They actually don't have a responsibility to be there
  23. First off all, it's voluntary. He doesn't have to show up. It's collectively bargained that way for a reason. If he was hurt he would've been with Mims on the sideline. His total absence, like Crowder, was probably a pre planned absence. It happens all of the time around the league.
  24. Got hurt in Week 3, tried to play week 4 but couldn't make it through the game. Then sat out the next two games with that same injury. Gsse was criticized for how he handled that injury. He should have never suited up for week 4. https://jetswire.usatoday.com/2020/10/03/new-york-jets-look-bad-mekhi-becton-injury-denver-broncos-week-4/ November 9th against NE he had the chest issue, he was having trouble breathing. They kept him out for precautionary reasons and played the next week. 1 real injury that was mishandled by the coaching staff. Stop with your nonsensical narrat
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