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  1. It's almost like the people who spent every day leading up to the draft taking about how bad Wilson is and how the Jets should keep Darnold. Must be those same Russian bots I guess.
  2. Moore and Cole would be the top 2 in that scenario. That's a better combo then they had all of last year. You guys are sleeping on Keelan Cole.
  3. Is this incessant negativity and team bashing going to be all offseason or just until these rough 7 days are over?
  4. He's already a better decision maker than Darnold. I'm so used to the Jets QB running out of bounds behind the line of scrimmage or just chucking it up in those situations.
  5. The Jets can eat half of his base salary to get a better pick and his cap # would be $5 million for a new team
  6. And about a 50% chance he gets traded.
  7. Vinnie Curry will start opposite Lawson
  8. The 2020 Jets pass defense was better than the 2020 Seahawks pass defense. Hmmmm
  9. Hey everybody. How much would you pay an edge rusher who had 1 sack and 9 ints? Asking for a friend
  10. I've seen you post here for some time and one thing that is evident is you know nothing about football. You fall in love with players like a 12 year old girl falls in love with boy bands. You're embarrassing yourself
  11. He's only played in 81% of his teams games in the last 2 seasons due to injuries. He's on a downward trend as far as games played is concerned. If you can't see that then YOU'RE CLUELESS. He was also part of a secondary in 2020 that was 31st in passing yards allowed. Since he was statistically the worst defensive back on the Seahawks against the pass last year a lot of that falls on him. You bring up Sacks like that outweighs his deficiencies in the pass game. It doesn't.
  12. The Legion of Boom had better safeties in Earl Thomas and Kam Chancellor. Jamal would be a downgrade.
  13. If that was true Crowder would be gone already. He has the 17th highest cap # for a WR in the NFL and at best WR3 this year, most likely WR 4.
  14. Lol, undersized? He didn't shrink since 2019 when he was a Pro Bowl player.
  15. That's a little misleading. He has 0 Sacks last year. The previous 5 seasons he averaged 8.5. The previous 2 years he had 7 in each year. The way you're putting it would leave you to believe that he hasn't done anything in 3 years which is far from accurate. In fact he was a Pro Bowl player the 3 years prior to last year (2017-2019). This is not a guy on the downside of his career. Injuries are a bigger concern than production. Only 20 games played the past 2 seasons. 7 in 2020.
  16. “We are currently reviewing stadium policies and protocols as our commitment to the health and safety of our guests and staff remains our top priority,” The Governor has left open the option for private businesses to make their own protocols in regards to mask wearing and vaccinations. This quote from Metlife Stadium suggests it won't be the free for all some are thinking.
  17. Waiting for the caveat and half the board to explode...tick tock tick tock
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