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  1. You'll never get through to him bc there is an obvious agenda. The biggest issues for the NBA ratings is that it's on TNT.
  2. The Jets will gladly take this dick off their mailing/ phone list after this stunt
  3. Maybe the guy is a professional autograph seeker, which he is, then sells them, which he does.
  4. A private business could require you to wear high heels to enter the stadium and tell you to hit the bricks if you don't comply. They make the rules.
  5. That's not HIPAA. Violating HIPAA is accessing your medical record without consent. Asking YOU to show your vaccination card isn't a violation of HIPAA.
  6. Don't get it laminated. They will need to write on it again for the booster shot.
  7. Who is even talking about you?? Narcissist much
  8. Everything you said in this is incorrect. He started 16 games, they weren't in "trash time". And the vast majority of people have been saying Mullens as the backup since the Saleh hiring.
  9. He's still injured. That's why he hasn't signed anywhere
  10. The Bears can't afford to cut Foles. Even with a post June 1st designation the Bears would lose $5 million in cap space to cut him. They currently have $289k available cap space. He's not getting cut. Their only option is to trade him and in order to do that they may have to give a team a higher draft pick than they'll receive bc they're in a really tough spot. Or they just keep him and have him occupy a roster spot all year and they can cut him next year. That is the most likely scenario in my opinion.
  11. Who cares that Mullens want undrafted? He's 26, Morgan is 24. He's started 16 games in this offensive system: 4,714 yds 64.5% Comp 25 TDs 22 Int If he's healthy he's by far the best option to be the backup and a wonderful resource for a rookie QB since he knows the system inside and out.
  12. I love all of his interviews with the BYU network and I hope he keeps doing them although this sounded like it might be the last one. He's just so relaxed and likeable and I can see why the front office and coaching staff really liked him during their zoom sessions. The big takeaways for me is how he said he's staying in the NY/NJ area through the end of mini camp so he can study film and get to know his fellow rookies and teammates. He also said NONE of his family members are moving to the area and he'll live all alone. And that's bc he won't have time to do anything bc of how much work
  13. It sounds like they are expecting a rough season record wise and so am I. This season is about laying a foundation to set up sustained success. I just want to see the young guys grow and get better throughout the year regardless of record, especially Wilson.
  14. Either Wilson is super confident or he's never played Madden. Fields is the only realistic one. For some reason I think Fields will be higher than Wilson and only bc it'll piss Jets fans off and make the media talk about it.
  15. When Watson settles, which based on how all of the public discourse between lawyers has abruptly stopped will be soon I'm sure, Watson will get a 4 game suspension just like Big Ben did when he was accused and settled. The Texans will then trade him to the Panthers, which is why they didn't go QB in the 1st round. They wanted to keep this door open. The owner is infatuated with the idea of Watson and acquiring Darnold isn't going to prevent them from trading for a top 5 QB in his prime. Darnold will get to start while Watson is suspended and then Darnold will be traded either during the season
  16. When Watson settles with his accusers the Panthers will go all in for him. Darnold will get a 4 game audition for another team during Watsons suspension and will get traded again. The owner is infatuated with the idea of Watson.
  17. Now with Darnold there's less of a chance
  18. One thing Rhule hasn't done is deny what Bridgewater said.
  19. Pre June 1st Cut: $12.5 million dead money, $5 million savings. Post June 1st cut $9.5 Dead Money, $8 million savings If he plays like a Pro Bowler they'd keep him if he's average they'd likely cut him using a June 1st designation instead of paying a $17.5 million cap hit.
  20. No 2 minute drill or red zone practice???? That's an interesting strategy, let's see if it pays off with Darnold.
  21. He shouldn't even be on the roster next year
  22. No offense but this is embarrassing
  23. No we won't. The Jets will again have to spend some money in FA again next year.
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