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  1. The other Trade that I could see happening is Crowder for Ertz. But that won't happen till June 1st.
  2. So that's the reason he couldn't catch a cold last year? It's Gase' fault? You guys need to find another excuse for all of these bad players who you keep defending.
  3. Crowder for Hurst. Write it down
  4. It's hilarious that anybody thinks Darnold is an upgrade over Bridgewater
  5. What? Maybe in his division
  6. Take away Darnolds first read and we'll get 3 picks
  7. I'm pretty sure you missed the entire point of the video
  8. But the Jets have the players to play in this scheme bc they acquired them in FA and the draft. I'm not really sure what your point is here. You keep dating the Jets are trying to put square pegs in round holes and the entire off-season they've acquired players to make sure that doesn't happen. How is that a bad thing? They've literally done the opposite of what you're complaining about.
  9. You can find a ball hawking zone CB in the mid to late round bc they're not valued. There aren't many teams who use zone coverages the vast majority of the time so teams value players who are not a fit for man to man defense a lot less. It's possible the Jets had 2nd or 3rd round grades on the CBs they drafted based on their scheme but they fell bc there is no demand for zone only CB's. Drafting one of the top 4 CB's this year to utilize them in a zone would probably have the same impact as 1 of these later round picks the Jets actually took.
  10. The "role", meaning a MLB who can run sideline to sideline, play in open space, read run/pass immediately and either attack his run gap or be quick enough to get back into his zone. I don't think Moseley has many of those characteristics. He's been a downhill tackler his whole career and nothing else. So yes, it's a specific role in the defense with specific characteristics. You act as if Rex didn't immediately bring in Bart Scott and Jim Leonhard to fill "roles" in his defense. And if you don't like a new HC going out and bringing in players to fit HIS system then you must've loved the past
  11. You don't hire a defensive HC for him to run a different system. He runs a 4-3 under base defense but utilizes Safety type players as the 3rd LB. Off of that he runs many variations of zone coverages. Rex tried to confuse QBs and offenses with blitzes, Saleh does it with coverages. Same philosophy, different strategy. As far as the "square peg in round hole" comment there's a reason they signed Davis, Lawson, Curry and Rankins. All of them are round pegs to fit round holes on the defense. It's the same reason they drafted 6 defensive players all of whom are a fit for the his base system.
  12. You can never have enough pass rushers
  13. That's why it's so important for the coaching staff and front office to be on the same page. It's also why teams like the Ravens are always good and always draft well. They know the types of players they're looking for and they target them.
  14. They will never draft a CB high to play in a zone scheme. It's a terrible allocation of resources for this scheme. The highest drafted CB's for the Seahawks since 2011 was a 3rd pick in 2017, 1 4th and 2 5th rd picks. I use them as the example bc that is the basis of Saleh’s defensive philosophy. Since 2011 the Seahawks have averaged 8th in Points Allowed and 10th in Yards Allowed. All of that success without drafting a CB higher than the 3rd round. I think what you'll see next year is a replacement for Moseley and another pass rusher taken in the either the 1st or 2nd round. This t
  15. It is a huge IF, but the Jets plan on taking all of their best assets and utilizing them. If you go through all 6 of their scouting reports you will see that all of what they do well match what they're going to be asked to do in this defense. That is already setting them up for success. It's just a matter of coaching them up and developing them.
  16. Maye will be re-signed. Saleh likes interchangeable safeties to disguise coverage and Maye offers that. He played really well last year on a terrible defense and team. I think it'll be a fair deal for both sides and regardless of the initial length, JD structures contracts with an out after 2 years so I wouldn't be concerned about the years. Plus the Jets are so young in the secondary there is no way they are trading Maye.
  17. Watching this video you can see why the Jets drafted Jamien Sherwood and Hamsah Nasirildeen. They are perfect fits for this defense with their versatility to play in the box and drop into coverage. The one thing this defense values most in their linebackers is speed, play recognition and tackling ability and they both have all 3. One of them will start as the 3rd Linebacker week 1 with Davis and Moseley. The other thing you notice after watching this video is how important it is to find CB's who can excel playing with their eyes forward and who can drive to the ball. This is where guys li
  18. Thank God I re-read the title. I for sure would've been banned for life.
  19. CB will never be an early round pick in this scheme. Next year another pass rushing DE and a MLB will be the biggest needs. I don't expect the Jets to really ever be big players in FA again. The 2022 FA class is not good. That all being said I do think you will see the Jets take at least 1 more lineman or Tackle early within the 1st 2 rounds. Also I wouldn't be shocked if they tried to move up in the 1st round to get another pass rusher to go alongside Lawson and Quinnen. That may be at DE or DT. I wouldn't rule that out either.
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