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  1. I'm not saying that, but don't give Brady all the credit and Manning none...
  2. This sounds like something John Clayton said on ESPN a while ago: the voters will think twice because they don't think they would have to "include Curtis Martin in a book about the history of football," since that, according to Clayton, is the criteria they use when voting. I don't know how these morons get to vote...
  3. So I guess Manning is just equal with Trent Dilfer. And I guess Dilfer is better than Dan Marino. It's not that simple that you can just add the number of Super Bowls a quarterback has won and determine the better one. Everyone always says that Manning has Harrison and Wayne, but how about the fact that they have had HIM? When Manning really matured into a QB in his second season, Harrison went from a 60 reception, 800 yard guy to a dominant, HOF, 100+ catches, 1100+ yard receiver. Don't say Manning has had all the talent, because it can just as easily be said that he has made the talent around him better, just as Brady has done.
  4. If everything came together and Manning was teamed up with Belichick as his coach, we would be the dynasty right now.
  5. I guess he'll never watch the Super Bowl.
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