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  1. Frank the tank from the Valley
  2. List your names from California
  3. Sure! Spreading like a green fire!
  4. This was the Jets vs. Pats playoff game this January. There were almost 50 of us. The rest of the JetsFans were inside waiting for the bathroom and out back smoking. Now we have 100+ gonna show up. This is by far the Biggest gathering of Jets Fans in ALL OF LOS ANGELES. Come be apart of it.
  5. Hey, I am still organizing us this off season. I have over 100 LAJETSFANS for this 2007 season. Ireland's 32 is gonna be off the hook this year. I should bring down some Miller Girls and beer bongs off the roof of the joint! Email me your email address if you want to be notified of any news and meetings. Your name, city and email me at lajetsfans@yahoo.com Check out our meeting schedule at www.myspace.com/lajetsfans Frankie Pecoraro LAJETSFANS
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