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  1. I just can't wait for that Feb. 27 matchup at the Dome. I can't think of a time I've been more excited for a game that really doesn't mean much in the long run.
  2. Yeah you're right, the only thing that matters in a game is the last drive. Forget the fact that Brady didn't do ANYTHING the ENTIRE GAME against a wild card team over which they were favored by TWO TOUCHDOWNS. Forget that. Yeah.
  3. No, it's not all about the rings. Otherwise, Dan Marino would suck. Otherwise, Brad Johnson = Peyton Manning. Jeff Hostetler, Mark Rypien are NOT Peyton Manning. Manning has been consistently better than Brady. And keep in mind Manning never had half the defense that Brady did when he won all those Super Bowls.
  4. By your own ****ing definition, he choked. He lost a big game. He lost a big game in which he was favored BIG TIME. He couldn't do ****ing **** against a wild card team. He LAUGHED when Plaxico said they were only going to score 17 points. Laughed. Brady did NOT deliver. He CHOKED. At least that's what you're saying.
  5. These are the things that people say that make me want to ****ing cringe. Peyton Manning has never had a defense worth half what Brady had during those Super Bowl seasons. Brady lost a SB to a wild card team when his team was 18 and ****ing 0. Brady threw that INT in a POSTSEASON game. I don't give a **** what round it was, it cost his team the game and it sent them on a flight home. Point is, every QB makes these mistakes, even in big game situations. And if you honestly just compare Manning and Brady by the number of rings, it's just stupid.
  6. Right, because a playoff elimination game is so much different.
  7. LOL 9G9139DXvNY Oh and yeah, he didn't have an opportunity to do that this year because he threw 12 of them early in the game.
  8. I read the first 3 pages of this thread and I couldn't go on any longer. Are you guys serious? Peyton Manning is still the best QB of this era and he's already probably in the Top 5 ever. What did Peyton do to help them win the Super Bowl? Really? He only led them back from a 21-3 deficit against the almighty Patriots and their genius coach. Did he not singlehandedly GET THEM TO THE SUPER BOWL in the first place this year? Did he not come back and beat the best defense in the NFL? Win or lose, Peyton Manning is rarely ever not the best player on his team. The Colts win because of him, and they lose in spite of him. You can say last night was an example of the former, but you can't blame him that his defense couldn't stop anyone when it mattered or that his best receiver drops a TD pass when he's marching them down the field, leading a comeback. Manning > Brady. Manning > Brees. Not really even close on either of them. And it doesn't matter that Brady twice led his team 30-40 yards down the field for GW drives before his kicker finished the job. It doesn't matter that Brees had a great game last night (not taking anything away from him, he was incredible). But bull**** that Manning is anything less than one of the best QBs of all-time.
  9. Eric Berry is a Top 3 pick, Top 5 at worst. That would take a lot more to do. I've seen Mays slipping a lot recently
  10. The morning after sucks. I was giddy for the entire week last week, and now there's just that general feeling of emptiness. That said, I feel good about the Jets. For the first time in a long time, it's looking up for this franchise. I think they've found a head coach and I think they've found a quarterback, and a few more pieces and this team could become a perennial SB contender.
  11. Yep...that's about exactly it. What he doesn't get paid for, however, is to make a call about 75% of America said before the game.
  12. I was referencing the article during the week that said Sanchez was basically JaMarcus Part II...
  13. 17-of-30 for 257, 2 TDs, one bogus INT that anyone but David Clowney probably would've caught. JaMarcus could DEFINITELY do that.
  14. I would say Mr. T deserves most, if not all, of the credit for bringing this team together. When we did hear about Mangini getting involved, it was when he brought someone like ****ing Schlegel here. Anyway, if anyone still thinks this is "Mangini's team," consider these numbers:
  15. Dude just hates that the Jets are still in it because, first, I think he hates them and hates Rex Ryan. Second, and most importantly, the Jets are on his rival station. They're undoubtedly getting some increased ratings all over because of this, and poor Mikey isn't very happy about it. He has NO idea what he's talking about. Sometimes I wonder if he even watched the ****ing game, the outlandish things he says. He just said a few minutes ago that BY RULE that overturned fumble was an incomplete pass. Even though most other rational people seem to think that it shouldn't have been overturned. Either way, it's not by ****ing rule. It's by interpretation of that rule.
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