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  1. them group looks alright, but they're no Cherokee People!!!!!!
  2. i have absolutely no idea what you are referring to, but whatever it is, "i" didnt vote, maybe "my buddies" did, but i have absolutely no clue whats that about. maybe you could shed some light on it for me mate!
  3. no!!! i was talking about Vinny Testaverde, clearly you were talking about somebody else!! no big deal, just clarifying!
  4. are we talking about the same person, mate?
  5. if Vinny Testaverde is with me at the time, Vinny will step in front of the bullet, it will get deflected and sent back at GOB at full speed, because Vinny is that damn good!!
  6. probably. them guys have a county fair race track and they race at Dunkirk, but ive never been there before!! i think Fredonia has a county fair track, but not sure. good times
  7. Dunkirk? them guys have a county fair!
  8. you are a copperdoodles???? wowzerdoodles!!! have you ever shot anyone before?
  9. i highly doubt that. at the risk of getting banned, i gotta say it, and ive said it before, and ill say it again, Bill is about the most childish 40 year old of all time!!!
  10. no idea what rep points are, i just meant reputation in general. i wouldnt exactly consider Bill to be my friend, the guy can be a little obsessive at times, in case you havent noticed...we did make out once but that was a mistake.
  11. come on mate, stop editing my posts!!! you're ruining whatever was left of my reputation!
  12. I really like when you guys put stuff in my mouth!!! (o boy, i cant wait to see how you guys change that around when you quote it, lol). 124- thats a solid idea, minus the part about getting banned for mate, mate is a big part of my posting now, i simply cant help it. Jetfan16 is my true online persona, and it would be sweet if i could post on it again, so solid idea, mate!!
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