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  1. This is dominant male apparel. Where does that leave the Mods? What about the rainbow themed items? Where are the Jets a**less chaps?
  2. There is no way that Browns get in FG range. Jets 38 Browns 0
  3. Green pants all year = Championship!
  4. Agree, the game is becoming a fraud. Kick the hipsters out of the NFL.
  5. The NFL should have hired Christopher Walken for the investigation. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NpUH1Rw_uWk
  6. As a Jets fan, I am hurt by this, deeply.
  7. Why do you have 19,168 posts on a Jets message board?
  8. Gronk reminds me of the football player from Idiocracy. I wanted to put up the video, but it uses prohibited language. The Gronk family tree has somehow managed to avoid natural selection.
  9. These two posts are to the point. As Jets fans, we are are so tired of hearing the verbal diarrhea. Get out on the field and contribute, or go sit on the bench and keep your trap shut. Tired of this junk.
  10. Agree. If his highlight reel is showing balls thrown in to tight coverage, what other plays are we not seeing? It looks like he stares down routs, and also has a slow release at times. Looks to throw well on the run though. A Tebow/Clemens hybrid.
  11. Good list! I bet the Pats got those nets put up. I would add bringing the kickoff back to the 30, and fining refs for making poor calls, making sure their pride doesn't get in the way of doing the right thing.
  12. I am sure they all could. The Booker's is a small batch, the alcohol varies from year to year, but is usually between 121 to 130 proof.
  13. Have you ever tried Booker's bourbon? Really good stuff, but very strong, it can put you on your a** if you're not careful.
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