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  1. bear

    Calvin Pace...

    Don't you mean a speedy wide receiver that can get open, and catch ?
  2. I'm surprised no one had brought up the fact that a Jets coach was flagged just last week for unsportsmanlike conduct for interfering with the refs ability to move freely down the field while in the white paint
  3. I would sign him purley as a situational player. The Jets achilies heel on defense is the TE. He can do that better than any safety on our roster at this point Sign This Beast
  4. Some fans are never happy. Conservative , or not we won the game. I would sign up for 4-3 with one division loss at this point considering that most " experts " said we would only win 4 games total this season.
  5. That should've been a delay of game penilty right?
  6. Has anyone seen Quinton Coples? Can you tell the Jets defense is looking for him?
  7. I don't blame him. He's a huge nfl prospect. If he's hurt he's hurt.
  8. Maybe Mark is either still, and Geno will get the start vs the Bucs
  9. This is why I hate the media .... They were looking for an excuse to make Rex look bad. Everyone knew this was going to be a long QB competition, so why is everyone up in arms that Sanchez got injured? It's not like he was out there with the three's. ... And Sanchez will not be here next year anyways. We need to see what Geno has to give in a full 16 game season, so wevkniwvwhat direction to go in next years draft
  10. I thought last training camp was his best , or maybe it was the one before that. Lol... None the less Sanchez will be Sanchez. It's like being in a bad relationship. Enough with the broken promises that things will be different thus tinned. Lets just be friends, and move on
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