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  1. Did anyone see K Johson interviewing Belly on ESPN? What the hell was that thing on his lip?? ... does Belly have herpes or something???? It was disgusting!!... I couldn't even pay attention to what they were talking about! lol.
  2. I would take Chris Long in a heartbeat.. I just don't think he'll be available at #6 though. Gholston should be a solid pick too though.
  3. Thanks! I hope to continually improve them throughout the offseason. I agree about dumping Drob and drafting Ellis; completley pointless. I beleive/hope the FO will try to restructure Robertson's contract because he is actually a pretty good player... he just doesn't fit the role of a NT. As for dealing with Coles I did cover that and definitely agree. If he isn't offered a new contract the situation could go sour quickly... possibly worse than Kendal, IMO. The FO will need to be a bit more careful in dealing with this matter.
  4. Second stab at one of these... Enjoy! Notable Cuts: Barton Barret McCairens Dyson Clarke Robertson (I would like to see them re-work a new contract with him.. and think they will try. It probably won't work out though.) Trades: Pennington - Early 4th round pick... Clemens will get the knod this year and Chad will not be happy on the bench. Vilma - Mid 3rd round pick... due to his injury this might be a bit of a stretch, but there are 4-3 defenses that need MLB's. His leadership, work ethic and potential when healthy, should make him worth the risk. New Contracts: Coles, Rhodes, Hobson Notable FA's: OG, Stacey Andrews WR, Bernard Berrian RB, T.J. Ducket QB, Josh McCown ILB, Clark Haggan CB, Nnamdu Asomugha Draft (first four rounds): 1- OLB, Vernon Gholston (OSU)... With few trade down partners, the Jets might be forced to reach a little bit here. He's about 10-15lbs bigger than Adalius Thomas and will be a force on the outside. 2- OT, Carl Nicks (Nebraska)... Massive frame at 6-5, 340lbs.. an easy upgrade over Clement. 3A- NT, Red Bryant (Texas A&M)... 320lb team captain. Has the frame to add weight and become a dominate 2-gap Defensive lineman. 3B- DE, Demario Pressley (NC State)... Adds depth at DE, until he is ready to replace Ellis. 4A- FB, Owen Scmidtt (WV)... Will help to improve our running game. 4B- FS, Quintin Demps (UTEP) Offense: QB- Clemens, Josh McCown, Ratliff WR- Coles, Cotchery, Berrian, Stuckey, Brad Smith, Wallace Wright RB- T Jones, Leon, T.J. Ducket FB- Owen Schmidtt TE- Baker, Kowalewski, Dearth OT- Ferguson, Carl Nicks, Clement OG- Stacey Andrews, Moore, Montgomery C- Mangold Defense: DE- Ellis, Kenyon Coleman, DeMario Pressley, Mosely NT- Red Bryant, Pouha ILB- Harris, Haggan, Hobson OLB- Thomas, Gholston, Bowens, Chatman CB- Revis, Nnamdu Asomugha, Miller, Drew Coleman SS- Rhodes, Eric Smith FS- Elam, Quintin Demps
  5. It's definitely possible, and would be a great move. I think Baltimore is only about $5M under cap right now, so they don't have much room for too many big contracts.... though, I'm certainly not a cap expert.
  6. Perhaps Haynesworth is wishful thinking, but I would hope that the FO would make a strong push for him. If he is franchised I would be content with making a blockbuster trade sending something like Vilma and Coles for Haynesworth and a draft pick... or something of that nature. My thoughts with Haggan were that he would be brought in to compete for a starting role with Vilma... which would make trading Vilma an option during the preseason. I don't think we're getting Asante. Some team like the 49ers will offer him $80M and we'll be left in the dust. CB is definitely something I will need to address in my next mock though...
  7. I'm not saying he couldn't be used in that role... but Chris Long would be a very big OLB. He's currently listed at 284lbs... 20lbs heavier than Vrable, and 15lbs heavier than Adalius Thomas (who is enormous). Now... he very well may be athletic enough to play OLB at that weight.. but I think he would be more likely to project as a 3-4 DE.. IMO.
  8. I usually don't do these, but I was pretty bored tonight and decided to make one. Feel free to tear it apart. Notable Cuts: Barton, Barret, Robertson, McCairens, Dyson Trades: Pennington - mid 3rd round Extensions: Coles & Rhodes Notable FA's: OG Stacey Andrews NT Albert Haynesworth.. Robertson's departure puts $8M towards this man WR D.J. Hackett RB T.J. Ducket QB Josh McCown ILB Clark Haggan Draft (first four rounds): 1- DE, Chris Long (Virginia) 2- OLB, Derrick Harvey (Florida) 3- OT, Gosder Cherilus (BC); would most likely need to trade up using Penny's pick. 4- FB, Owen Scmidtt (WV) Offense: QB- Clemens, Josh McCown, Ratliff WR- Coles, Cotchery, DJ Hacket, Stuckey, Brad Smith, Wallace Wright RB- T Jones, Leon, T.J. Ducket FB- Owen Schmidtt TE- Baker, Kowalewski, Dearth OT- Ferguson, Gosder Cherilus, Clement, Oldenberg OG- Stacey Andrews, Moore, Montgomery, Turner C- Mangold Defense: DE- Ellis, Chris Long, Kenyon Coleman, Mosely NT- Haynesworth, Pouha ILB- Harris, Vilma, Haggan OLB- Thomas, Harvey, Bowens, Chatman CB- Revis, Miller, Poteat, Drew Coleman SS- Rhodes, Eric Smith FS- Elam, Eric Coleman
  9. Looks like schotty won't be going to Baltimore after all.
  10. OWINGS MILLS, Md. -- John Harbaugh was hired Friday as head coach of the Baltimore Ravens, who hope their second choice proves to be a first-rate success. Harbaugh spent this season as Philadelphia's secondary coach after making a name for himself working with special teams. He has never been a head coach, but has coaching in his genes -- his brother, Jim, a former NFL quarterback with the Bears and Colts and three other teams, including the Ravens, is the head coach of Stanford. Their father, Jack, is former head coach at Western Kentucky. The 45-year-old Harbaugh will be introduced as the third coach in Ravens history at a news conference on Saturday. Harbaugh interviewed a second time at the Ravens' training complex Friday with owner Steve Bisciotti, president Dick Cass and general manager Ozzie Newsome. Harbaugh arrived around 9:30 a.m. and finally reached an agreement around 5:30 p.m. He then left in a limousine for his home in Philadelphia without talking to the media. Ravens spokesman Kevin Byrne said Harbaugh wanted to first share the news with his wife and parents before sharing his feelings in front of cameras and reporters. Harbaugh replaces Brian Billick, who was fired on Dec. 31 after a nine-year run. The Ravens earlier this week offered the job to Dallas Cowboys offensive coordinator Jason Garrett, who spurned Baltimore in favor of staying in Dallas. Garrett rejected the Ravens' job offer after receiving a raise from owner Jerry Jones and a promotion to assistant head coach. Harbaugh was selected the NFL Special Teams Coach of the Year by his peers in 2001. He shifted to the secondary last season, working under Eagles defensive coordinator Jim Johnson. Copyright 2008 by The Associated Press
  11. James Laurinaitis, IF we pick up a respectable FA OLB.. which would be ideal. Otherwise we should probably just get Gholston and continue to use Vilma OR Barton inside.
  12. Kind of late.. but I have 2 tickets that I will not be using... 4 rows up on the 35. PM me if you want 'em.
  13. Does anyone know approximate cap numbers for each team in 2008?
  14. Who should I sit this week between: E. James (Cards) S. Gado (Miami) ~Gado is playing a tough run defense but will get a lot of touches, maybe a touchdown. ~James isn't getting as many touches, and hasn't been in on many redzone opportunities as of late... he will but up decent yards though. I've got a tough matchup this week in the playoffs.. the team I'm facing has Brady, Addia and Portis, so this final roster spot is important.
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