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  1. Wasn't sure if this has been posted yet... I like the draft, EXCEPT I would rather get a big OG/OT instead of WR in the second round. Also, I think we need a TE or a WR.. not both. What do you guys think? 25. N.Y. Jets (10-6) Projected pick: +Chris Houston, CB, Arkansas Needs: CB, OLB, TE, WR, NT, ILB,C, QB, S Considering the team's need of an upgrade at cornerback, Houston should be on the Jets' short list of prospects in this scenario. Teams have differing opinions regarding Houston's value. Although he certainly has room to improve in regard to his technique and overall run-support skills, Houston is blessed with outstanding speed, athleticism and upper-body strength. 2nd 59. N.Y. Jets: Stewart Bradley, OLB, Nebraska 2nd 63. N.Y. Jets (from Chicago): Jason Hill, WR, Washington State 3rd 89. N.Y. Jets: Paul Soliai, NT, Utah 5th 164. N.Y. Jets: Desmond Bishop, ILB, California 6th 177. N.Y. Jets (from Tampa Bay): Dante Rosario, TE, Oregon
  2. What time on the 28th does the draft start?
  3. The Bronco's loss is by far the most tormenting moment that I can remember. I think they held Curtis to 13 yards rushing or something horrible like that... ugh.. makes me sick thinking about it. How about going 4-12 two seasons ago when a lot of people had originally thought we had SB potential... i still think that was a pretty good team... but 90% of the players were on IR and Herm was still the coach. Huge let down season.
  4. Sell - It doesn't matter who your throwing to if you don't have a solid OL to protect the QB. Buy or Sell- T.Jones rushes for 100 yards in ONE of the first two games (Pats/Balt)
  5. I would be VERY happy if we got ANYTHING for JMac. He has the potential to be a pretty good #2 or #3 reciever, but just hasn't done it yet.... maybe the FO is putting him on the trading block to scare him into playing well this year?
  6. Sept 9 New England 1:00pm W/L Sep 16 @Baltimore 4:15pm W/L Sep 23 Miami 1:00pm W Sep 30 @Buffalo 1:00pm W Oct 7 @N.Y. Giants 1:00pm W Oct 14 Philadelphia 1:00pm L Oct 21 @Cincinnati 4:05pm L Oct 28 Buffalo 3:05pm W Nov 4 Washington 1:00pm W Week 10 BYE Nov 18 Pittsburgh 1:00pm W Nov 22 @Dallas 4:15pm W/L Dec 2 @Miami 1:00pm W Dec 9 Cleveland 4:15pm W Dec 16 @New England 1:00pm L Dec 23 @Tennessee 4:15pm W Dec 30 Kansas City 8:15pm W I don't see us lower than 10-6
  7. Sell: The Jets will win the superbowl for the rest of the NFL's existance (haha, just kidding); The AFC is too strong... he'll make it back to the AFC championship, but won't ever get another ring. Buy or Sell: The Jets sign another FA before the draft (haven't been following this discussion... sorry if it was already said)
  8. Lakehood... haha, thanks for the tip. If I do take the job, I think I'm going to try to live a bit North of Lakewood... probably in the nicest town, that is close to NYC, that doesn't give me more than a 30-40 minute drive to work {provided I could afford to live there}. I'll certainly check out some of those places you guys suggested though. I really know nothing about Jersey {I've only been there for a few Jets games} so all of this information is helpful; I really appreciate the input. Sorry for not editing my post more carefully Bob... I hope it made you feel smarter
  9. Hey everyone, I just recently started to post on this website, but my full on attention to it has been hindered due to job searching, final projects and bindge drinking. I'm a senior graduating for Syracuse Unviersity this year and I was recently offered a job in Lakewood, NJ. I don't really know that much about the area and I was wondering if some of you Jets fans might be able to give me some "scoop" on the area. Key things I want to know are: 1)What is lakewood like? 2) What area's close to (north of) lakewood are nice to live? (probably something midway between there and NYC would be ideal) 3) How close is this to the meadowlands? I might be getting some season tickets from a family member if I live close enough... Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!! Thanks! ...and to make this football related... Mangini is a god, Chad still has some good years left and C-Mart is the MAN! ... that is all...
  10. Agreed. Nice job FO, I really like the potential upside of this signing.
  11. I like those picks and would be pretty happy with that draft. BUT, I think the first pick will be a CB and 2b will be a huge mauler RG or RT.... I just don't see Tangini spending another first round pick on the Oline when we could use some work on defense... regardless, Blalock certainly would still be an excellent pick. Either way, I trust the FO to make the right/best decisions for this team.
  12. I think pick one is BPA. The second two picks will be CB/RT unless the first pick's BPA happens to be one of those two positions.
  13. OT is a big need right now. I think if we add one all our offensive unit would be pretty solid, with possible upgrades at OG and TE. CB is a big need but we can get a good CB with our first pick...
  14. What position do we fill NEXT in FA? CB OT OG NT OLB ILB TE Other State why!!!
  15. I am very happy you didn't try tricking everyone... i would have shat myself.
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