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  1. Sweeeeeet. I love the direction this team is heading. Lets get him a massive OT to help out now.
  2. Yuck... what an ugly trade that would be. I hope Coles can just stick through camp and have another productive year.
  3. Thanks for the break down. Looks like we still have plently of room to make some good FA moves.
  4. Anyone have an estimate for what our current cap space is after these signings? (Sperm?)
  5. Don't really care about J-Mac, but I wonder who will replace Barton... Think they are targeting anyone?
  6. 'Cuse is gonna get it done today. .. i think they'll also be sporting some new uniforms that Nike gave them
  7. Did you really make an account... just for that?
  8. Anybody think of us using TJ Duckett as a FB?? NFL.com has him listed at 6-5, 255lbs... Askew was only 6-3, 233lbs.... If don't cancel Ducketts meeting on Wednesday, do you think that might be why? or are they just keeping it to help leverage T. Jones into a smaller contract?
  9. If he wasn't so old he might make a pretty sick pass rushing OLB in the 3-4 scheme at 6-5, 255lbs....
  10. I bet after a little bit of thought the Bears wish they could take the morning after pill to make this all go away...
  11. Damn... that's two really tough linebackers that just moved into our division...
  12. David Bowens is 265, a DE and 28 years old http://www.nfl.com/players/playerpage/133231 Tim Bowens is old and not talking to the Jets... I hope
  13. Bowens might be coming in to play OLB and DE on passing downs, when we have a 4 man front.... he's actually only like 10-15lbs heavier than Hobson as a comparison. Coleman could act as a DE in the 3-4 and a DT in the 4-3 Colombo is pretty good and just just one big dude i want them all... and would be VERY impressed if the FO could make that happened
  14. Next big targets: OT Colombo (320lbs... would certainly help bolster the line) DE/OLB Bowens (6-3; 265lbs... 2006 stats: 30tackles, 4 sacks, 1 forced fumble as a non-starter) DE/DT Coleman (6-5; 285lbs... in the past 4 seasons: 85 tackles, 18 sacks, 4 forced fumbles... as a non starter) Lets sign them all!!! Major needs going into the draft: CB, FB, OG (moore isn't thaaaat bad though) Areas that could be improved: NT, ILB, TE/WR
  15. Any idea what his salary demands might be and/or how much cap room we'll have left?
  16. P.S. I just got home and didn't read all of these posts... but the deal was our 2007 second round (#37 pick) for THEIR 2007 second round (#63 pick)... still have two second round picks. ... damn... too late...
  17. Great deal FO. I can't wait to see T. Jones score some touchdowns in green; he will be an excellent compliment to Leon. Now lets improve the trenches and get a decent CB.
  18. What days are some of these FA's (Duckett, Brown, Coleman, Bowen) scheduled to go and visit the Jets? Just curious....
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