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  1. I guess I wouldn't mind that as long as he is cheaper than Vinny T... however, 3rd string QB isn't a big concern of mine... who will be the starting DE, CB, ROT, RB next year are...
  2. Couldn't agree with you more. We don't have the ability to spend big money on ONE person right now, when we have so many needs. Good post.
  3. hey... he's better than kimo.... that's all we can hope for right now....
  4. http://sports.espn.go.com/nfl/columns/story?columnist=pasquarelli_len&id=2784159 ESPN stated the top 30 UFA's available and didn't have any of them landing to the Jets. Do you guys really think Tangini will remain passive in free agency, with the amount of cap space we have? ...I'd like to see 1 or 2 of the top 30 available land with the Jets....
  5. That is terrible news. We should compete to get one of them.
  6. Agreed. I wouldn't mind seeing Clements around for another year, but he needs to be cheap. If we only get 3 I think the additions of Cain, Ovie and Deilman be pretty clutch and the rest we could deal with in the draft I could see our first four draft picks going: 1-CB/DE best available (or DT if Drob is moving to DE) 2-CB/DE best available (or DT if Drob is moving to DE) 2-Bush/Leonard 3-OT/OG (if Deilman can't be had)
  7. Yeah. I thought that if they cut Kimo, they would keep Bobby for sure.
  8. I would love to try Drob at DE and get a big run stuffing NT... BUT... I don't think we're going to find anyone that will be ready in time. I think Drob stays at NT and we try to find a good/girthy DE. I do have a question though... Out of: Pohua, Mosely, Hamilton, Rashad Moore, Kimo Who do you think will remain on the 2007 roster?
  9. Hey guys. I read this forum all the time, but have been too lazy to make an account. Now that I finally got around to making an account, I decided to write about possible free agency moves for my first post. Feel free to tear it apart; enjoy. Additional cuts: Kimo Barret Blaylock (If he gets cut, we're getting a RB this off season) Need
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