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  1. The one in the bottom, middle looks like Jerry Rice.
  2. My first POTW nom... well... i guess if i can't be funny, I will be sleezy and resort to posting pictures of women for respect on a football board, lol.
  3. Haha, he would look like a frog! lol Seems like we'd just be paying someone for inside info on the Pats as opposed to "adding a valuable player." Anything we can do to win I guess.
  4. No way, we loose to Miami and Buff. 2-2 probably, possibly 3-1.
  5. I'm not going to be there opening weekend, but I should be at most of the home games this season. I just moved to NJ so I'll be looking for some good tailgates. Plus, If anyone here's up to the challenge... I'll bet a 12 pack I can slam a beer faster than anyone on this board
  6. I've sensed a lot of stress and hostility on these boards lately. Please take the time to relax and flip through these flight crew pictures and remember what's truly important about this time of year... ... the fact that the Jets actually have cheerleaders! Enjoy! http://www.newyorkjets.com/news/articles/show/1547-view-the-jets-flight-crew-before-the-big-debut
  7. Against the spread... my intial thoughts are: NO Dallas Jets Houston Denver Pitt Titans Rams Eagles Vikings Miami TB SD Lions Bengals 49ers
  8. I don't think we could get Faneca either and IF we did it would cost Dyson and a draft pick. Any other teams aside from the Steelers?
  9. What teams are in need of a CB, that might be interested?
  10. Hm. Wouldn't be a bad move with the abundance of TE's we have.
  11. I'm just spitballin here but... how about if your player was one of the top two/three/four(w/e you think works best) player for that week, then you get to add another player and get points for both...?
  12. Hey, i'm doing two drafts today with some friends. Are there any big name players injured that I should know about?
  13. I think they will ajust the roster to get the most out of it and that it is more likey that we save roster spots on defense than offense. Keeping players like Posiak, Jackson, Ventrone, Tui, would greatly help this team. Robertson/Mosely/Pouha can cover backup DE/NT spots and some of the LB's like Thomas/Bowens can play OLB/DE, some of the DB's can also cover multiple DB positions. I think they will also save a spot with Tutt being the back up FB and #3 RB... and placing Danny Ware on the practice squad, bringing him in for specific games only.
  14. Offense: 25 QB: Pennington, Clemens, Tuiasosopo (3) RB: Jones, Washington, Barnes, Tutt (4) WR: Coles, Cotchery, McCareins, B Smith, Stuckey, Wright, Jackson (7) TE: Baker, Ryan, Posciak (3) OL: Brick, Mangold, Moore, Clement, Bender, Clarke, Smith, FA * (8) *I think this is one position that they upgrade in free agency... an ROT. Defense: 25 NT: Robertson, Mosley, Pouha (3) DE: Ellis, K Coleman, Hicks, Hamilton (4) LB: Vilma, Hobson, Barton, Harris, B Thomas, Bowens, Spencer, Kassell (8) CB: Dyson, Barrett, Miller, Revis, Poteat (5) S: Rhodes, E Coleman, E Smith, Washington, Ventrone (5) Special Teams: 3 K: Nugent P: Graham LS: Dearth Practice Squad 8: CB Coleman (if elidgeable) or Collins DL Devito TE Kowalewski OL Turner QB Ratliff RB Ware LB Costanzo (if he is elidgeable) or Trunsik OC Villani Possible Changes: Tui being cut would put B.Smith as the #2 QB, bring Ware up to the #3RB and put someone new onto the Practice Squad.
  15. http://www.newsday.com/sports/football/jets/ny-spjets0901,0,4895837.story Already posted the article, but watch the video by Bob Glauber.
  16. The postgame locker room had a decidedly pregame intensity. The Jets -- or at least the backups wearing Jets uniforms -- had just come back to beat the Eagles in the preseason finale Thursday night. But while the participants rehashed plays from that evening, the regular players who were mere observers already were deep in their preparation for the Sept. 9 regular-season opener. Even coach Eric Mangini, Mr. One Day, One Meeting, One Play at a Time, said he's taken more than a cursory peek at some of the Patriots' preseason portfolio in recent days. "It's always good to be able to work a little bit ahead," Mangini said, "so I've caught a couple of the games." The Jets have seven days to refine their Patriots game plan, but they've been working on it since training camp began July 27 and probably have been formulating and figuring since right after the Jets lost their playoff game in Foxboro in January. That focus became more acute after last Saturday's game against the Giants, the last significant game action for most of the regulars. The Eagles game was nice to win, and important in evaluating some of the players who could make the roster. But for many, it was just something to watch other than Patriots game video. "I've been thinking about next Sunday for the past week or so," tight end Chris Baker said after taking an unnecessary shower Thursday night. "Obviously, we've been looking at what they're doing, especially in that third preseason game, that's a big game. We'll really, really get into it now." The season opener is always a tone-setting game. But this year, with the Jets facing the Patriots, it could reverberate for months. The Jets haven't opened the season against a division opponent since 2002, when they beat the Bills in overtime and went on to win their only AFC East title in the last eight years. "Usually we end up playing somebody outside the division on opening day," Baker said. "This is the last team we played last year, and with all the success they've had, it's obviously a big game right off the bat for us." Obviously. Notes & quotes: Talks between the Jets and G Keydrick Vincent, released by the Ravens earlier in the week, have cooled off, according to a person familiar with the situation. Even so, the Jets are one of three NFL teams with an expressed interest in Vincent ... Mangini said he liked what he saw on the winning drive, in which the Jets went 65 yards in 15 plays in 2:47 to kick a 35-yard field goal as time expired. Still, something was missing. "It felt a lot like practice," Mangini said, "but without the music going." ... The Jets, and all NFL teams, must reduce their rosters to 53 names by 5 p.m. Saturday.
  17. Perhaps.... I don't think Was is a very good OLB, but he looks pretty decent when his hands in the dirt when we are in a 4-3. He's patient and doesn't overpurse, and tends to put good pressure on the QB if he comes his way (hand's in his face etc.).
  18. Good... maybe he'll bobble some of the long snaps and we can get some turnovers
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