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  1. Yeah.. they'll be sleeping in, come January.
  2. Wunderbar!!! Aufvedersein, Von Olehoffen!
  3. So where does everyone think he may legitametly land? I would have said the Vikings, but they literally just traded for a QB.... Perhaps KC, Washington or Atlanta?
  4. That would have been ideal, if that had know what was going to happen... but I do love Harris. He looks natural as an ILB and good 3-4 players are hard to find.
  5. I still don't think Kendal is all that special. He is a good offensive linemen, but how much longer is he good for? Realize that in the Giants game, Bender had been practicing guard for... maybe a week? The Giants also have a pretty decent pass rush (very quick/agile DL & LB's) that were doing a bit of blitzing. He didn't play great, but for a rookie's first start at a new position... I didn't think it was all that bad. I think he'll actually do a bit better dealing with the bigger, but slower Pats DL. He may struggle picking up blitzes from LB's up the gut though.
  6. One thing is for sure... our DB's will be put to the test this year.
  7. The Wild Card spots and even some of the division winners are going to be very tight this year in the AFC. Should be a fun year of football.
  8. Good question. I can't tell if this was a move to reduce his salary to make him better trade bait or to create more space for another player.
  9. haha, thanks for the love. Mangold definitely made the FO look smart for dropping Mawae. Fergy and Bender should both develop to at the very least be solid. I think next years draft is gonna be full of OL and DL selections.
  10. I suppose I would'nt mind him taking Kassell's spot.
  11. Alright I was bored so I sort of skimmed through the past two preseason games and watched the OL a bit. Clement is not all that good. He has his good plays, but consitently gets beat to the outside and loses his man. He's lucky that he has the benefit of Penny being able to see when he doesn't block a defender. With A.Jones as the only real back-up here, I would not be surprised if the FO brings in a FA Tackle. Moore is up and down. One play he will pull the the left side and make a great block, the next he will block his man into the RB. He's not great, but he is a decent RG. Bender did have a sloppy game against the NYG, but he's a rookie and it was his frist start. He seems like he struggles when he is faced with a quick/agile defender. Aside from his few slip ups he seemed to be controling his man at the line of scrimmage and opened up a few holes for RB's. He won't drive his guy 10 yards back every play, but he does a good job of knowing where the play is going and sealing his man away from it. Clarke reminds me of Moore. He'll have a few great plays, then just blow it. Fergy seems to be struggling with his hand fighting. He'll give a defender a good pop, but then get beat with a quick move. At times I think I might be be able to pull a swim move on him. Leon is a great RB but does not do a great job picking up blitzes; getting driven back into Chad on a bunch of plays. Thomas Jones will certainly do a much better job at that.
  12. So true. I would move this team to the NFC in a heart beat.
  13. Its just a different situation. Kendall was a 34 year old guard, who redid his contract in 2006 and then wanted a raise this year. Why invest in something that you don't know will last? At $1.7 Kendall is a great deal, at close to $3 (which is just about what the rest of the ENTIRE OL's salaries are combined) he then becomes expendible. Bender is a servicable replacement and they could still bring in a vet (though, I think Bender will be fine). Agreed. McCariens is the 3rd WR and was simply making more money than he had been earning. I'm sure there are incentives for him to earn it back.
  14. J-Mac is also the 3rd WR, who was making more money the our QB. Good move.
  15. The Jets need to keep Brady off of the field and tire out the Patriots defense. This will allow players like Leon and Smith to make big plays later on in the game.
  16. What is MOST important for a WIN next week against the Pats??? A solid PASSING OFFENSE A solid RUSHING OFFENSE Solid play from the OFFENSIVE LINE Solid play on SPECIAL TEAMS TURNOVERS A solid PASS DEFENSE A solid RUSH DEFENSE Solid play from the DEFENSIVE LINE
  17. I'd say more like Jets 23 Pats 21 With Nuge hitting 3 FG's, one of which are the game winner
  18. Maybe it's the acquisition of Randy Moss, Adalius Thomas and others in a surprisingly active offseason. Maybe it's the proven leadership of Tom Brady. Or maybe it's just that the Patriots are due, having failed to reach the Super Bowl the past two seasons, an eternity in the Bill Belichick era. ESPN.com's Power RankingsThe preseason rankings were determined by a poll of ESPN.com's NFL staff -- writers John Clayton, Len Pasquarelli, Matt Mosley, Jeffri Chadiha and Mike Sando; Scouts Inc. Insider Jeremy Green; and ESPN.com NFL senior editor Mike McAllister. No matter the reason, the Patriots will enter 2007 wearing the label as the NFL's best team. In the balloting for our preseason power rankings, each of the voters put the Pats atop his respective list, a clear indication that mercurial Moss is expected to toe the line (or at least minimize his distractions) under Belichick. If Moss does, the Patriots could be celebrating their fourth Super Bowl title this decade. If he doesn't? Well, there are plenty of other championship-caliber teams waiting in the wings, including the defending champion Colts and a Chargers team (and new coach) with plenty to prove. On the other side of the spectrum, Michael Vick's troubles obviously put the Falcons in a free fall, as our experts moved Atlanta from No. 19 in the offseason to No. 31, just ahead of the Browns. So how would you rank the teams going into this season? SportsNation gives you the chance. (Editor's note: LW indicates each team's ranking in the offseason rankings from the spring.) 2007 Power Rankings: Week 1 RK (LW)TEAMRECCOMMENT 1 (1)Patriots12-4-0Now that last year's NFL interception co-leader Asante Samuel has signed, the Patriots really have no excuses not to fulfill the expectations of the multitudes who already have handed them the Lombardi trophy. Right? 2 (2)Colts12-4-0Presumably, Peyton Manning & Co. will be more relaxed this year now that the can't-win-the-big-one albatross has finally disappeared. In fact, Manning has looked very comfortable in the 483 commercials he's appearing in right now. 3 (3)Chargers14-2-0Memo to new coach Norv Turner: Don't screw it up. You have Super Bowl-caliber talent, so if you don't win, only one person gets the blame. Just like your predecessor. 4 (5)Bears13-3-0In the past few years, Super Bowl losers generally haven't fared well the next season. But if Rex Grossman can find consistency in 2007, the Bears could have an easy time in the NFC. 5 (4)Ravens13-3-0Besides having younger legs at RB (Willis McGahee), the Ravens have loads of experience. But the flip side of being a veteran team is being an injury-prone one. Which way that pendulum swings might determine their fate. 6 (6)Saints10-6-0The feel-good story of 2006 hopes to take the next step this season. New Orleans has never been to the Super Bowl, but Saints fans can taste it like the jambalaya waiting for them at home. 7 (8)Eagles10-6-0It's easy to say that as Donovan McNabb goes, so go the Eagles. But their fortunes might rest more on whether Brian Westbrook can continue to run like one of the NFL's elite backs. 8 (9)Cowboys9-7-0Expect new coach Wade Phillips to turn up the tempo on defense, but his legacy in Dallas ultimately will be tied to Tony Romo. And Romo hopes his legacy won't forever be tied to that botched field goal snap last year. 9 (7)Broncos9-7-0Gotta love those lockdown cornerbacks, Champ Bailey and Dre' Bly. New D-coordinator Jim Bates certainly does, as their presence will allow the Broncos to play an aggressive 4-3. 10 (11)Seahawks9-7-0It wasn't always pretty last season, but the Seahawks did make the playoffs. But whether they can recapture the magic of two years ago ... well, that might be asking too much. 11 (10)Bengals8-8-0Remember when the Bengals used to be the league's biggest off-field embarrassment? Thanks to Michael Vick and Pacman Jones, the Bengals now seem like choirboys (yes, it's difficult to say that with a straight face). 12 (14)Jaguars8-8-0Jack Del Rio has never hesitated to make changes to his coaching staff. But if the Jags don't improve on an eight-win 2006 season, the change in Jacksonville could be Del Rio's employment status. 13 (13)Steelers8-8-0Just like when predecessors Chuck Noll and Bill Cowher were hired, new coach Mike Tomlin is young and eager to prove his worth. In Pittsburgh, that requires just one thing: a Super Bowl win. 14 (12)Jets10-6-0Last year, QB Chad Pennington started every game in a season for the first time in his career. Does that mean he's due for an injury, or has that pesky black cloud finally disappeared? 15 (16)Panthers8-8-0If the club's yo-yo record in recent years continues, you should count on double-digit wins in 2007. Don't be surprised if DeAngelo Williams emerges as the feature back. 16 (15)49ers7-9-0Here's your sexy pick to be the breakthrough team of this season. And yes, Alex Smith and Frank Gore make a nice combo. But do the Niners need another year of seasoning? 17 (18)Rams8-8-0Stephen Jackson touched the ball 436 times last season and produced a career year. Now the goal is to get the same productivity in fewer touches. 18 (17)Giants8-8-0Tiki Barber is gone. Michael Strahan might join him. This is a team that's clearly in transition, which would be a perfect time for Eli Manning to step up and truly become this club's leader. 19 (28)Redskins5-11-0Will RBs Clinton Portis and Ladell Betts rush for 1,000 yards apiece this season? As coach Joe Gibbs says, who knows? But you can bet they'll get every opportunity. 20 (26)Dolphins6-10-0A defense led by Jason Taylor and Zach Thomas should keep the Dolphins in most games, but the offense could be spotty. Even so, the future looks promising with the preseason performance of rookie QB John Beck. 21 (23)Bills7-9-0Hey, the Bills are ending their Monday night drought, making their first MNF appearance since 2000 when they play Dallas on Oct. 8. So who's to say they also can't end their playoff futility (no postseason appearances since 1999) this year? 22 (21)Titans8-8-0Vince Young will make this team enjoyable to watch. Making it a playoff contender will be much more difficult. But it's never good to underestimate him. 23 (22)Cardinals5-11-0One thing is certain: Arizona fans will get an up-close view of the Super Bowl this season. Another thing we're fairly certain about: Those fans won't be cheering on the hometown team. But we are pretty certain the weather will be nice on Feb. 3. 24 (24)Packers8-8-0Anytime you write the name Brett Favre, the phrase 'retirement plans' is sure to follow. But if this is it, you can expect Farve to go out slingin'. 25 (30)Lions3-13-0Jon Kitna must be pinching himself. Roy Williams? Calvin Johnson? Any quarterback would love to have that combination, especially a few years from now. 26 (20)Chiefs9-7-0Larry Johnson has returned from his holdout but is not in football shape. And who knows what shape Priest Holmes is in after sitting out 22 months. But at least the QB situation (Damon Huard over Brodie Croyle) is figured out -- for now. 27 (25)Vikings6-10-0Whew! The Kelly Holcomb Sweepstakes are over, and the Vikings are the big winners. And their prize? A journeyman quarterback with 21 starts who'll provide backup for Tarvaris Jackson. 28 (27)Buccaneers4-12-0Hey, Jon Gruden, what you have done for us lately? That's what Bucs fans are asking, and Gruden will need to answer this year to avoid the hot seat. 29 (29)Texans6-10-0Let the Matt Schaub era begin. Don't be surprised if there are growing pains -- after all, Schaub started just two games in his first three years in the league. 30 (32)Raiders2-14-0Does anyone really believe someone other than Daunte Culpepper will be the starting QB in the season opener against Detroit? First-year coach Lane Kiffin may not be proven, but at least he can throw a veteran out there who has skins on the wall. 31 (19)Falcons7-9-0New coach Bobby Petrino will get to prove immediately whether his reputation as a passing game guru is justified. Yeah, the Michael Vick saga was a cruel blow, but if Petrino can make Joey Harrington a star, he'll be the toast of Atlanta. 32 (31)Browns4-12-0Will rookie Brady Quinn start the season opener against the Steelers? Latest reports indicate he won't. That'd be the smart move. No need to rush the QB of the future for a team unlikely to go anywhere this season. Pumped for game 1, an upset would be incredible.
  19. From a competitive standpoint, the NFL provides every opportunity for teams to quickly go from worst to first in a division. The draft is weighted so that lower-rung teams get the best players. And even though schedule breaks aren't as beneficial as before, the league tries to give fourth-place teams in each division the easiest schedules in hopes of gaining ground on the stronger clubs. But as you search ESPN.com's preseason power rankings for a sleeper team, don't concentrate solely on those with favorable schedules. Injuries also will play a factor, and while you can't predict them, you know they will happen. For older teams, it's more difficult to overcome the injury drain since the recovery time for veteran players is longer. AP Photo/Tom Gannam First-round pick Adam Carriker should have a quick impact on the Rams' run defense. One other thing likely to happen: Roughly half the teams that will make the playoffs this season are teams that failed to reach the postseason last year. Taking all that into consideration, it's no surprise that three of our five sleeper teams finished in fourth place in their respective divisions a season ago. 1. St. Louis Rams (17th in power rankings) The Rams, coming off an 8-8 season in which they averaged 22.9 points, are loaded on offense. Steven Jackson is talking about 2,500 yards combined running and receiving. Quarterback Marc Bulger, having signed a $65 million contract extension, has a high-priced group of receivers to whom he can spread the wealth -- Torry Holt, Isaac Bruce, Drew Bennett and Randy McMichael. Sure, there is concern about the wear and tear on Holt's knee, but he knows how to take care of himself. Besides, the offense doesn't revolve around only him. But the pleasant surprise in St. Louis will be the defense. First-round choice Adam Carriker looks like the type of defensive tackle the club has sought for years. He's a tough run-stopper and will anchor the front. Defensive end James Hall also is tenacious against the run, a sore spot last season when the Rams ranked next to last in rushing defense. The linebackers have speed and playmaking ability, while Tye Hill has grown as a coverage cornerback. 2. Washington Redskins (19th) The Redskins' defense had too many holes last season. The pass rush was nonexistent, and points allowed jumped from 18.3 a game in 2005 to 23.5 in '06. Defensive coordinator Gregg Williams, hoping to stem the tide, resorted to plays that didn't work, and Joe Gibbs didn't have enough offense to counter the problem. But expect the defense to show some life in 2007. London Fletcher brings energy and experience to the middle linebacker position, and Rocky McIntosh provides enthusiasm and range on the weak side. In fact, whenever the Redskins make a tackle, it seems as though Fletcher, McIntosh and either LeRon Landry or Sean Taylor are around the ball. The offense seems to be maturing, with Jason Campbell appearing more comfortable as a quarterback. Gibbs doesn't have to rely exclusively on Clinton Portis as the main running back because Ladell Betts does a great job off the bench. 3. Miami Dolphins (20th) Underestimate the Dolphins at your own risk. Sure, quarterback Trent Green looks shaky as he learns the changes new coach Cam Cameron has made to the offense since the two worked together in Washington. And yes, the offensive line looks horrible right now. Every play seems to break down, which forces Green to get rid of the ball quicker on pass plays when Ronnie Brown isn't having to dodge defenders on run plays. But defensive coordinator Dom Capers has pieced together a solid unit. He knows how to put his defenders in position to stop the run and rush the quarterback. Dolphins GM Randy Mueller is doing his part by giving Capers some younger players to work into the mix. Still, the key is Green. Once he gets up to speed, expect him to complete more than 60 percent of his passes while increasing the team's scoring average from 16.3 points last season to more than 20 a game this year. If the Dolphins take advantage of one of the conference's easier schedules, they could challenge the Jets for second place in the AFC East. 4. Tennessee Titans (22nd) Vince Young comes off a season in which he completed only 51.5 percent of his passes. He has lost two of his best targets in Bobby Wade and Drew Bennett. The team's best runner, Travis Henry, also is gone. The numbers just don't work & but maybe they aren't supposed to work. After all, the Titans won their last five games to finish 8-8 last season despite playing an impossibly tough schedule (.571 opponents' winning percentage). Veteran center Kevin Mawae says there is a togetherness on this team that defies statistics. Maybe he's right. Maybe this is a team that shouldn't be judged on paper. Head coach Jeff Fisher compares the closeness of this team to the one in 1999 that reached the Super Bowl. Now let's not go that far. But as long as Young's elusive legs and accurate arm keep the Titans above the 20-point level while the team tightens up its defense, last year's finish will not be a fluke. 5. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (28th) Clearly, an easier schedule will help Tampa Bay this season. The Bucs go from a .535 schedule to a .473, the biggest flip in the league. Expect that to translate into a three-game improvement from last year's 4-12 disaster. But besides the schedule, there are other reasons to expect improvement from the Bucs. The easiest way for a team to rise from four wins to eight or nine is to run the ball and play good defense. While the Bucs' defense isn't as good as in previous years, the running game could improve from 28th in the league to the middle of the pack this season. Quarterback Jeff Garcia should jump-start the offense, and he knows how to manage a game. During his days in San Francisco, he usually got 1,050 rushing yards and 50 catches a season from his lead tailback. Running back Cadillac Williams should bounce back to the 1,200-yard range after a drop-off last season, and he can catch 50-plus passes.
  20. AND thanks for posting all the news!
  21. I'm going to assume that there will be a lot of blitzing coming from Chad's blind side against the Pats. Beli is defintely going to challenge Brick and Bender. Hopefully the CS keeps Barnes/Ryan/Posiak (who had a few good blocks when lined up as the fullback) on that left side to help pick up blitzes.
  22. Good confidence builder there, with Nugent hitting a "game winner." Question; Why is Ben Graham the place kick holder? Smith would give good options there since he can pass and run.
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