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  1. Is that 3 sacks and 2 strips by Mosely already (1 of which we recovered)? Its not the starters... but he is looking good.... pushing Pouha.
  2. Pretty good. Played the WR's tight and gave up one pass, but it was because one of the LB's cut him off while he was in coverage. Almost had a pick on a bad throw too.
  3. I just graduated from Syracuse this past spring and actually ended up moving to NJ for a job. In Syracuse the only games they played were the BILLS... not even GOOD football games.... So I am loving having very easy access to the Jets for the first time in like 4 years.
  4. Not if Dyson turns out to be expendible (due to good/solid play from Barret or Miller of course).
  5. He's a much better play and wouldn't be coming with injury question marks. IF this trade went down I would be impressed if the FO got him straight up.
  6. I certainly hope they do. It would definitely cost more than just Dyson though.
  7. All I know, is that Mangini used to be a DB coach and probably has a good feel for how the players can perform. If this is true, Barret/Miller can't be much of a down grade at this point; it seems that they've both improved and perhaps Dyson has lost a step. We're deep (IMO) at CB, and need to improve the OL. This would just be another "opportunity/cost" situation.
  8. I hope so. Miller has a boat load of talent, I hope he has truly turned it up a notch this season.
  9. I would take the latter of the two. Giving Pete that money after JUST redoing his contract could have led to numerous contract disputes... it was the right move.
  10. Scouting reports tell us he has a better upside though.
  11. I just went to my first away game this past season in Cleveland and I too couldn't even believe some of the things I was hearing. My friends almost got in like 3 fights. I am definitely never getting that hammered again at an away game ever again.... lol. P.S. Chris Baker definitely caught that ball and was forced out...bs.
  12. Been drinking Blue Moon, Sam and Yeungling lately; but I'll drink 'em all.
  13. http://sports.espn.go.com/nfl/preview07/news/story?id=2973338&campaign=rss&source=NFLHeadlines
  14. Anyone know who our 2008 FA's are?
  15. Exactly. The same goes for Robertson.... except, he's not as good.
  16. For me it was between Pennington and Vilma... Pennington has a good replacement in KC and we would probably get the most in return for him. Vilma is a very good defender, maybe not as good in the 3-4 but still good. With our Hybrid defense he will be beneficial in coverage and when we line up in a 4-3. Robertson though small for a NT, could be a good change of pace if we do get a big NT (while the fatter guy gets a breather). He'd also be good when we switch to a 4-3 and possibly as a defensive end.
  17. All currently seem like viable options to be traded in 2008. Chad Pennington to be replaced by Kellen? Vilma to be replaced by Harris? Robertson to be replaced by a big free agent NT?
  18. Agreed. With all the improvements they made and the easy schedule they have, they could be gold.
  19. I'm a huge Chad supporter, and would love to see him stay, but it would make sense. - He's expensive in 2008 and Chad only helps us win in '08 as the starter or on the trading block; not on the bench. - There is promise in Kellen Clemens and another year under CP will be great for him, but I don't think he would be better than Chad next season (if you include attributes such as leadership, experience, heart). What its really going to come down to is the opportunity cost. Does the cost of CP give our team a better opportunity to win? The slight downgrade at the QB position could clear up cap space and provied draft picks/players that would greatly improve the team. They might be a better opportunity might be there in 2008. Another thing to think about with regards to that is; IF Chad struggles this year would benching him affect his trade value?
  20. How would you guys rank this years Defenses for fantasy?
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