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  1. First TD Reception (1pt)- Baker Most TD Receptions (Season) (3pts)- Cotchery First Rushing TD (1pt)- Jones Most TD's Rushing (Season) (3pts) - Jones First Reception (1pt)- Coles Most Receptions (Season) (3pts)- Coles First QB Sack (1pt)- Ellis Most QB Sacks (Season) (3pts) - Thomas Most Tackles (Season) (3pts)- Vilma Highest YAC Average (Season) (3pts)- Leon Highest YPG Receiving (Season) (3pts)- Coles Highest YPC (Season) (3pts)- McCariens First Interception (1pt)- Revis Most Interceptions (Season)- Rhodes First False Start Penalty (1pt)- Moore Most False Start Penalties (Season) (3pts)- Moore First Personal Foul Penalty (1pt)- Barton First Fumble (1pt)- Pennington Most Fumbles (Season) (3pts)- Jones First Fumble Recovery (1pt)- Barton First Starter To Lose Job (not due to injury) (5pts)- Our right OG (IF it's clarke or bender), otherwise Erik Coleman if one of those two are replaced before game one Tie-Breaker - Receiving yards for Thomas Jones: 225 yards
  2. A Rookie Linebacker Bear Hugs a Challenge By KAREN CROUSE Published: August 29, 2007 HEMPSTEAD, N.Y., Aug. 28
  3. Jets' Harris a big hit BY KRISTIE ACKERT DAILY NEWS SPORTS WRITER Wednesday, August 29th 2007, 4:00 AM One of the first things the Jets' veteran linebackers told David Harris when he got to training camp was that the coaches are always watching. The rookie felt their eyes on him, evaluating him on and off the field. "That was one big difference from college and the pros," the second-round pick out of Michigan said. "The coaches are always watching and learning about you. They are always watching you." Heading into the final preseason game tomorrow night in Philadelphia, Harris has shown his coaches and teammates a lot. The Jets traded up 16 spots in the draft to take Harris at No.47, so he came in with the expectations that he would be able to help the Jets shore up their defense in the second year of the 3-4 scheme. So far, he has looked like a natural fit for the Jets' plans. "I like what David's doing," Eric Mangini said. "He does a nice job of going up and taking on the guards. He's got a good physical presence against those guys, but yet he's fluid in space which I like." Harris' natural abilities have stood out in the preseason, and he has also shown a growing understanding of the defense. Making the transition from the middle linebacker in Michigan's 4-3 defense to an inside linebacker with the Jets has Harris relearning his instincts. "It's a lot different," Harris said. "There are a lot more checks and adjustments. We are in a two-gap system now, so you have to be able to go down and punch the guard, be thick on him and be able to fall back into any of the gaps." The 6-2, 243-pound Harris has shown the tools and fundamentals to do that. He also comes in with some pedigree. A second team All-American, Harris led the Wolverines in tackles the last two seasons on a defense that led the nation against the run. The Wolverines allowed 43.38 rushing yards per game, the lowest in Division I-A since 1993. That experience is something the Jets, who ranked 24th against the run last season, can use. "The coaches are always watching and looking to make the team better," Harris said. "I have to work hard. You got to watch your back because you don't know who is coming behind you." ON GUARD? In a surprise move, the Ravens cut left guard Keydrick Vincent. Even though the Jets have a hole at up the position after trading Pete Kendall, as of yesterday afternoon they had not expressed interest in the seven-year veteran who had started 21 games for Baltimore....The Jets' Sack Exchange - Mark Gastineau, Joe Klecko, Marty Lyons and Abdul Salaam - along with owner Woody Johnson will ring the opening bell of the Stock Exchange at 9:30 a.m. today to celebrate the start of the football season. ... Jets will honor Wayne Chrebet, who retired after the 2005 season, at halftime of the Sept. 23 game against the Dolphins....LB Matt Chatham (foot) was placed on the physically unable to perform list, meaning he must miss a minimum of six games.
  4. I know someone said this very recently... but is it 53 plus the PS or is the PS included in the 53? If they are in addition to the 53, remove Frisman Jackson and Posiak/Kowelaski can easily be substituted in. Manny Collins would also be a strong candidate for the PS. -Good point about Kimo, Hicks, Hamilton... I didn't even think about how old all 3 of them are. I wouldn't want to see all 3 either now that I think about it. I'd like to see them drop Kimo and take Haynes or Andre. -Mosely is certainly gone if there is an upgrade on the market... so long as he is big and fat and can take up two gaps at once... same goes with the OG's (which I do think they will bring one in) -I have Costanzo, Spencer and Washington making it
  5. No, I know he's a great LS... I was just saying that's all he provides. Posiak and Kowaleski are better TE's but, you're right... Dearth's LS abilities are very beneficial; which is why I said he makes the team.
  6. Nearly “Locks” (or as close as you can come with this CS) Offense: 10 Pennington, Chad QB 6 Clemens, Kellen QB 18 Smith, Brad WR/QB 87 Coles, Laveranues WR 89 Cotchery, Jerricho WR 81 McCareins, Justin WR 83 Stuckey, Chansi WR 20 Jones, Thomas RB 29 Washington, Leon RB 23 Ware, Danny RB 86 Baker, Chris TE 88 Ryan, Sean TE 37 Barnes, Darian FB 74 Mangold, Nick C 68 Clement, Anthony OT 60 Ferguson, D'Brickashaw OT 65 Moore, Brandon OG 61 Clarke, Adrien OG 79 Jones, Adrian OT 72 Bender, Jacob OG/OT Total: 20 Special Teams: 7 Graham, Ben P 1 Nugent, Mike PK 85 Dearth, James TE/LS… If there was another long snapper half as good on this team, Posiack and/or Kowalewski would quickly fill the 3rd TE spot Total: 3 Defense: 51 Vilma, Jonathan LB 50 Barton, Eric LB 52 Harris, David LB 54 Hobson, Victor LB 99 Thomas, Bryan LB 96 Bowens, David LB 93 Coleman, Kenyon DE 92 Ellis, Shaun DE 98 Hamilton, Bobby DE 77 Hicks, Eric DE 63 Robertson, Dewayne DT 91 Pouha, Sione DT 95 Mosley, C.J. DT 24 Revis, Darrelle CB 21 Dyson, Andre CB 36 Barrett, David CB 22 Miller, Justin CB 25 Rhodes, Kerry S 26 Coleman, Erik S 33 Smith, Eric S Total: 20 Team Total: 43/53 Additional backup needs: OL, FB, WR, LB, CB, S Outside Looking In (to fill those remaining needs) Offensive Candidates: 15 Wright, Wallace WR – Decent reciever with very good ST’s play 18 Jackson, Frisman WR: Better receiver, but can he needs to show that he can contribute on special teams with the surplus of WR’s 45 Tutt, Stacy FB: His spot is in danger with Sean Ryan’s ability to play in the backfield 82 Pociask, Jason TE 40 Kowalewski, Joe TE 71 Smith, Wade OG/C… he has had major struggles this preseason 70 DeVito, Mike DE/OC… so he can play defensive end AND center… interesting… 8 Tuiasosopo, Marques QB... is he worth a spot? Likely outcome (IMO): *WR’s: Frisman Jackson, Wallace Wright; both of these guys add great depth to the roster *FB: Stacy Tutt; versatile player that is a nice change of pace from Barnes *OL: Mike Devito/Wade Smith; The O-line "outsideres" will be tricky. Wade Smith and Devito are the only two players capable to be a back up center.At this point I’d say you could flip a coin between him and Wade Smith… only one of them makes the team.. and this week will determine that. Team Total: 47/53 Defensive Candidates: 53 Spencer, Cody LB 47 Costanzo, Blake LB 97 Wadsworth, Andre LB 67 Von Olehoffen, Kimo DE 94 Haynes, Michael DE 35 Collins, Manny CB 30 Coleman, Drew CB 42 Washington, Rashad S 41 Ventrone, Raymond S Likely Outcome (IMO): ~I am really rooting for Andre to make the team. I could see them possibly keeping Haynes, and Andre if the cut Kimo & Spencer/Costanzo~ *LB’s: Cody Spencer, Blake Costanzo *S’s: Rashad Washington, Raymond Ventrone; ST’s play earned it, *CB: Drew Coleman; Drafted by the FO, good vs. the run and is a slightly better option than Manny Collins *DE: Kim Von Olehoffen; "leader", "depth", "locker room guy", blah, blah, blah… whatever lesbo. Team Total: 52 man roster plus Kimo Most Likely that are left out: Posiak/Wadsworth
  7. Anyone have a good site for Team vs. Team trends, that includes over/under dog win percentages and what not... I'm in a pick'em league this year and have never bet against spreads before. Anything would be helpful. Thanks!
  8. .... and Leon, and Smith, and Mangold, and Clemens and possibly Brick... I like where this team is going. Only bad pick so far was Schlegal.
  9. I hope his hands fit as nicely around the football this season...
  10. I don't have a link, but QB Kelly Holcomb just got traded to the Vikings for a 2009 draft pick. It was just on ESPN... in case anyone cares...
  11. Franchise cornerback Asante Samuel, who has missed all of training camp and the first three preaeason games, reported to the New England Patriots on Monday and will sign the one-year tender worth $7.79 million. The four-year veteran could practice with the team as early as Monday. He will attempt to reclaim his starting job, but likely will have to pass the strenuous conditioning test that is administered by coach Bill Belichick to all players before working out with his teammates. The Providence Journal reported Monday that Samuel flew to the Boston area Sunday night after having spent most of the offseason in Florida. It is not certain what Samuel accomplished with his absence from camp. Unless the Pats agreed to stipulate that they will not use the franchise marker on him again next spring, as the Chicago Bears did with franchise linebacker Lance Briggs, the cornerback will not have made a significant statement by staying away. New England, it is believed, is opposed to forfeiting its right to use the franchise tag on Samuel again in 2008. The emphasis for now will likely focus on getting Samuel ready for the start of the regular season. New England opens the year at the New York Jets on Sept. 9. The NFL Network reported last Thursday evening that Samuel was expected to sign the one-year tender for a franchise-designated cornerback, set at $7.79 million, and to report to the Patriots sometime before the team's final preseason game. The consensus around the league has been that Samuel, who earned only minimum base salaries the first three years of his NFL career, would find it difficult to ignore a one-year deal for nearly $8 million. Earlier in the spring, Samuel suggested he would hold out for the first 10 weeks of the year before reporting and earning an accrued season that might make him eligible for unrestricted free agency next spring if the Patriots opted not to use the franchise marker again. Samuel, 26, is the last of the league's seven franchise players this year who has yet to come to a contract agreement. Three of the players -- Indianapolis defensive end Dwight Freeney (six years, $72 million), New Orleans defensive end Charles Grant (seven years, $63 million) and Detroit defensive tackle Cory Redding (seven years, $49 million) -- signed long-term contracts. In addition to Briggs, Cincinnati defensive end Justin Smith ($8.64 million) and Seattle kicker Josh Brown ($2.078 million) signed their one-year tenders. Neither Brown nor Smith elicited from his team a stipulation precluding use of the franchise tag again in 2008. A fourth-round pick in the 2003 draft, Samuel has appeared in 59 games and started in 39 of them, including 15 starts in each of the past two seasons. The former Central Florida star has 188 tackles, 16 interceptions, 43 passes defensed and three forced fumbles. He emerged as one of the NFL's top cornerbacks in 2006 but still is not viewed in the same class as some of the highest-paid coverage defenders in the league. Len Pasquarelli is a senior NFL writer at ESPN.com.
  12. Yeah... I'm just ranting at this point.... hoping that someone tells me who the newest member of the Jets OL might be. Someone suggested Faneca before... but he would cost too much for this front office. .... I need answers!
  13. Bender might develop into a solid OG in the near future, but we need someone for THIS season. Something should have been done before the Kendall thing ever took place... this O-Line needed upgrades before we lost Kendall.
  14. A coach can only take you so far. The players have to perform when they are on the field and ours simply haven't been doing that. Revis and Harris were great pick-up's that will greatly improve this team.... but it was foolish not to put more effort into upgrading the OL. I guess they thought that the Kendall thing would blow over. That's the only thing I can blame Tangini for.
  15. I don't think the run defense was all that bad last night. However, there was about zero pass rush on Manning, who had all day to pass. That combined with our so-so run defense is not a very good sign.
  16. Anyone else think the Jets bring in another O-lineman by the end of the week? Any idea's who they might be looking at? I remember seeing a thread about picking up the Raven's 3rd string OG... though that seems like a typical move from Mangini/Tanny, I think we need a bigger upgrade than that. I personally would rather see them trade for a better player, than seach through the waivers... Thoughts?
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