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  1. Though I agree with the stance our FO is taking, I think it is going to be much harder to get players to take pay cuts if we need them to in the future.
  2. In case anyone cares... FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- Randy Moss missed both practices on Thursday, one day after the New England Patriots receiver appeared to injure his left leg during a passing drill. Moss, acquired from Oakland in a trade during the draft, pulled up midway through Wednesday's practice. Medical trainers applied ice to his upper left leg, and he later left the field under his own power. "Randy's good," coach Bill Belichick said Thursday. "Day to day." Asked about a timetable for Moss' return, Belichick said, "My crystal ball's no clearer than yours." The 30-year-old Moss is attempting to get his career back on track after a disappointing two-year stay in Oakland. He had been a standout in Patriots training camp, catching nearly every pass thrown his way, and he has been consistently cheered by Patriots fans. "I think they understand that he's here because he wants to win," Patriots owner Robert Kraft said of Moss, who accepted a one-year contract at a reduced salary to play for New England. He was injured while running under a deep ball thrown by Tom Brady. The two had connected on similar plays throughout camp. The Patriots have 12 receivers on the roster. Three are on the physically- unable-to-perform list: veteran Troy Brown, free agent Donte' Stallworth and Chad Jackson, a second-round draft pick a year ago whose rookie season was limited by leg injuries. The other top candidates are holdovers Reche Caldwell and Jabar Gaffney, free agent Kelley Washington and Wes Welker, who was acquired in a trade with Miami. Copyright 2007 by The Associated Press
  3. Might have been posted already... not a bad read though. HEMPSTEAD, N.Y. -- Like most players who change teams, New York Jets running back Thomas Jones has found plenty to like about his current environment. Observation deck Jonathan Vilma is committed to becoming a steady playmaker in the system favored by head coach Eric Mangini. Check out what else Jeffri Chadiha observed at Jets camp.
  4. Transcripts of interviews with Jets players following Thursday's morning training camp practice: QB KELLEN CLEMENS On his approach to practice ... Each day we come out here for practice, we do a certain number of drills individually as quarterbacks and then get into team stuff and get rolling. You just try to complete every pass you can and work to improve on each drill. Being in my second year, I’m trying to look at a lot of the intricacies of the offense and dive deeper into some of the run-blocking schemes, the pass protection, how we block in certain looks, so mentally I have been trying to expand my knowledge of the offense in that aspect. I’m getting quite a few reps, so I’m trying to go out and improve each day, put my team in a good spot when we go out there and move the football. On dealing with the heat … We're holding up. We're battling through it. You definitely notice it's hot out here, especially when we're on the turf. It would be a distraction if we let it be, so we try to battle through it and do the best we can to get ready for the first game. On the music selection during practice … They slide a little bit of country in there every once in a while to throw us a bone. In the heat of the moment all you hear is noise, so it doesn’t matter what they are playing. The music is intended to be a distraction. It gets us ready to play on the road in some loud stadiums and gets us used to communicating more with signals than if it were quiet. On extra work he did after practice … I just took a few drops. I wanted to work on some footwork stuff, so that when I’m doing my drops in a game situation I don’t have to think but react. On his relationship with the other quarterbacks … There is definitely a bond because we spend so much time together. You absolutely form one whether you want to or not. It’s a great working relationship that we have between the four of us [Chad Pennington, Brett Ratliff and Marques Tuiasosopo], five if you're counting Brad Smith, who has been getting a lot of reps. You're around each other all the time. We're all great friends, and they're a bunch of good guys to work with. On Smith playing quarterback … That’s just a testament to Brad Smith’s athletic ability and versatility. He’s a great guy, great athlete and I know the coaches like him a lot. Take your hat off to him as a player. He makes some phenomenal catches out there and then comes in and gets some reps at quarterback and does a pretty good job in there. It’s just jaw-dropping to watch him and see him do all of the things he can do. On competing with Smith for the backup job … Whether you're competing with one guy or four guys, it’s all the same, we're still competing. It doesn’t change much. You still go out there and try to do the best you can each day and it’s all about making the team win. CB JUSTIN MILLER On supporting each teammate … We always give positive feedback to each other each time we're out there. We just want to make some plays. You know, we’re high-fiving, telling each other good job. Anytime anyone makes a play, we just have to keep it positive. We're all going to have our mistakes and mental lapses, but the main thing is we keep concentrating and keep pushing forward. On rating camp each year … I mean, you can’t rate them. Each one is a learning experience. Each day you go out here, you learn and compete and you try to get better. My main focus is just to help this team. If we can get out there and win, we can all be successful, then I’ll be more than happy. On what’s expected in camp … Just learning and understand the game. Speaking with my coaches I try to get a better understanding of what's expected on the field. I think Jerome [Henderson] taught me a lot, and Jerome said I can just talk to him. We met, and Coach Mac [Mike MacIntyre] came in, we sat down and asked him questions, and how you feel on this and how you feel on that. It’s a matter of going out there and just practicing and trying to put those things to work every day you're out there. On what position will he'll play ... I’m just out here to play, whichever way you look at it. I’m going to go out there and do my job when called upon. If I’m called upon to play corner , I’m going to do that if called upon. If I'm called upon to return [punts], I’m gonna do that. So whichever way is going to help this team win, I’m going to do it. On benefiting from Darelle Revis’ absence … We're all given opportunities, and the best thing for us to do is to take advantage of them when they're given. I just come out here and work and get better. We drafted him high and we know he can play. I think he’ll help us as well as anybody else on this team. On being happy playing multiple positions … It doesn’t matter. It's fun. I enjoy playing the game. I don’t think anybody would complain about it. On a starting position on the defense … I think every person wants to be a starter in their position, but you know that’s the decision for the coaches. So I just want to practice and prove to my teammates I belong out here and deserve to play with them. My main goal is to get better and help this team win. On distractions off the field … I’m out here at training camp. This is football and that’s how it is. You try not to concentrate on anything outside of that.We all have bad days, we all have days that are not going to go our way, where we're depressed or upset, and football itself takes us away from that pain. It helps us deal with life on a whole. You have guys around you to pick you up when you're down. They help you progress forward. I just try to stay positive and work each day I'm here. On showing Chansi Stuckey the NFL ropes … We were actually roommates in college, so I know him fairly well. We understand each other. It's just like I tell him all the time, just keep working each day, 'cause you never know when an opportunity might come. When the opportunity does come, just take advantage of it and just keep pushing forward. G BRANDON MOORE On this morning’s practice … It was long. It dragged on and on. There were some situations in there that we needed to handle. It was definitely a long practice. On his contract … I haven’t said anything about my unhappiness with it. My agent handles that. I’m not here to discuss my contract. On if he’s unhappy with his contract … Am I unhappy? Is anybody happy with their contract? I guess everybody feels they deserve a little bit more money. I’m just here in training camp and letting my agent handle those things. On missing practice Tuesday … I wasn’t here for personal reasons. That’s the story. There’s nothing else I can really say about that. On how training camp is going … Camp is going good. I feel good. I wish you guys would come asking to talk to me about how good I’m playing. On how he is playing … I think I’m having a great camp. I feel good. I have a better grasp of the offense. On his comfort level within the system … I feel more comfortable, especially with Nick [Mangold] and AC [Anthony Clement]. That’s my side. The communication I feel good about. I feel confident with us three. K MIKE NUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE On whether kicking in the NFL is based more off talent or psychology … At this level, you can get every kicker together on a day like today and everybody will be hitting balls like crazy. The difference is what you can do when it actually counts. The talent is unbelievable that you face and see every day, but when it all counts, that’s when it makes the biggest difference. On his busy off season … I finished up school. I went back in the winter and had a couple of classes to go. This spring I had two-hour lectures on the phone twice a week. The teachers wanted me to go after it all the way. On what his logistics management degree means … Basically, how does anything get from here to there; shipping products and things like that. One of the biggest numbers I know is about 17 percent of the price of any product you see has to go into getting it from here to there. It’s something you don’t really think about when you go to Wal-Mart and buy something. You don’t really think about how it gets there. It’s fun learning stuff like that. It’s one of those fields that is currently in the process, it’s not very integrated yet. It could be worked on so much. It’s a big money saver. You do things right here and there, you can save a company just a lot of money. That’s probably one of the biggest operations we did. On the difficulty of kicking in the Meadowlands … Overall, I can’t say a lot because I haven’t kicked in a lot of stadiums. When the weather is hot in the Meadowlands, there won’t be unbelievable wind but it will still be there. You won’t have a day like today where it was pretty straight. It’s never just dead straight this way. It’s always picking up or dropping down on you. It’s definitely up there, especially when we play in New England and Buffalo and places like that. It’s one of the toughest I’ve played at.
  5. Well... can't they just take a look at Kendall for oh... say... a 5th rounder??
  6. btw, how has Vilma been looking? Has he started to come to life in the 3-4 yet? (well, as much as an ILB can "come to life")
  7. GREAT report, as always. It is much appreciated by us fans that can't make it out there.
  8. Pretty basic stuff that everyone on this board has already heard dozens of times. Good read though.
  9. HEMPSTEAD, N.Y. -- Five observations from New York Jets training camp, gleaned from the team's July 31 practices: Mike Stobe/Getty Images For Jonathan Vilma, this year's training camp has been a period of adjustment. 1. Spotlight on Vilma Expect a better year from inside linebacker Jonathan Vilma now that he is entering his second season in the Jets' 3-4 defense. Despite having the quickness and speed to be a good fit as a middle linebacker in a 4-3 scheme, he is committed to becoming a steady playmaker in the system favored by coach Eric Mangini. It is not just Vilma's lack of size (6-foot-1, 230 pounds) that made playing in a 3-4 defense difficult for him. His new responsibilities also hurt his productivity. Vilma said the biggest issue he has to master is the first step he takes as a 3-4 linebacker. In the 4-3, he could run to the ball as soon as he saw a play develop, knowing full well that his defensive linemen would keep blockers off his body. In the 3-4, one wrong read could put him out of position and allow those same blockers to engulf him. It might sound like a minor thing, but it can help explain how Vilma could go from generating 169 tackles in 2005 to just 113 last season. "People say I struggled but it was more a case of the coaches asking me to do different things in the 3-4," Vilma said. "It's just a different mentality and there were some growing pains that came with it. But I've been working on this throughout the offseason. And my main goal is to just be more consistent." 2. Pennington enjoying camp Chad Pennington doesn't hide the fact that this is his most enjoyable training camp in the last three years. The main reason? He doesn't have to worry about proving he is healthy enough to lead this offense. In each of the past two training camps, Pennington had to deal with offseason shoulder surgery that threatened his future with the team. Now he only has to concentrate on helping the Jets' offense flourish during the regular season. "The fun part is knowing that I can stay focused on football instead of worrying about one body part," he said. "It's definitely a smoother process coming out here now. And it's also a lot more fun." 3. New slash in the making Don't be surprised if the Jets turn second-year playmaker Brad Smith into a secret weapon in their offense. He spent all of last year working as a wide receiver -- he was an all-conference quarterback in the Big 12 while playing at Missouri -- but now the coaches are willing to try him at a variety of positions. In Tuesday's practice, Smith lined up at quarterback, running back and wide receiver. He has the athleticism to be a playmaker at each spot as long as he is not overwhelmed. "It's pretty amazing that he can learn all those positions," Pennington said. "That's a lot of information to process." 4. Rhodes is rising star Remember the name Kerry Rhodes as this regular season plays out. Some people around the Jets think this third-year strong safety is on the verge of stardom. He already has the size (6-foot-3, 210 pounds) and athleticism to be a dominant player in the secondary. Now it's only a matter of him maturing into a leader of the unit. Rhodes certainly showed the potential to be a force last season; he finished with 98 tackles, five sacks and four interceptions. Those numbers normally land players in the Pro Bowl, and Rhodes raised some eyebrows with that productivity. It seems likely that Mangini -- a former defensive backs coach with the New England Patriots -- has some new ideas on how to best utilize Rhodes this season. 5. Ferguson finds mentor One of the best moves the Jets made this offseason was asking former NFL offensive tackle Lomas Brown to be a personal instructor for second-year left tackle D'Brickashaw Ferguson. The fourth overall pick in the 2006 NFL draft, Ferguson struggled with consistency during his rookie season. It's clear that he needs to become a more dominant run-blocker and the Jets would love to see him develop a more aggressive approach. Brown serves as a good teacher in this regard because he enjoyed an 18-year NFL career, while also proving to be one of the nicest guys in the league. If Brown can show Ferguson how to be tougher without compromising his personality, Ferguson could make a giant leap this season. Jeffri Chadiha is a senior writer for ESPN.com.
  10. Agreed, he's only ever been mentioned with bad news. Cut him already.
  11. Mangini talks a little bit about Wadsworth in his presser today, (transcript isn't up yet, but watch the video if you can). http://www.newyorkjets.com/
  12. Has he been practicing with the 2nd or 3rd string? I hope he can make the roster, but with the amount of competition at LB/DE I doubt he will.
  13. When do you want all these in by? I'm going to have to put some serious thought into this since a flask is on the line.... haha.
  14. Well not quite. But now if we put out Kimo and Shlegel? Wow. We can just bench the other 9 guys and let those two unleash hell's fury on opposing offenses.
  15. I agree. They haven't done much of anything to improve themselves; however, they will still be a very good team and challenge the Pats.
  16. I think Green will do moderately well in Miami and at the very least the Phins defense will help them win some games. Lossman should put up decent numbers this year, but their defense is going to have some struggles. I just don't think Lossman has what it takes to match the points that opposing teams will score on them. JMO though.
  17. Thank you. I think three of these four teams take one each from the Pats: SD, Baltimore, Jets, Indy (in that order of probability).
  18. I am very excited to see Mangini get creative with this defense. Though the team played like garbage in the playoff game last year, I really loved all of the shifting and movement that was going on. We're going to be able to swithc between a 3-4, 4-3 and 46 within seconds; its going to be fun to watch.
  19. If we did sign Rice, which LB's (assuming he is recruited as one) make the team? Maybe take him and drop Barton if Harris looks ready steps his game up? I like Barton, but that would probably be the ideal scenario.
  20. Well.... I might not be "smart" but.... I disagree, lol Pats 11-5 Jets 10-6 Dolphins 7-9 Bills 4-12
  21. You got that right. Hopefully our new LG can keep him on his feet.
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