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  1. Uga lookin hung over already- started tailgating to early!!!
  2. Sidebar - why do college fields always look so much bigger? Asking for a friend
  3. Almost 15 years on the site as a faithful lurker - I have to pop out and say this is one of my favorite threads of all time!!!
  4. Uh okay I wasn’t part of that brigade so not sure why you used the singular or all-inclusive ‘you’ in your retort. That’s sorta like me sayin* - You should stop giving out sixth place and participation trophies because it prevents a lot of kids from knowing what it feels like to suck and therefore strive to be better so one day they can play offensive line for the NYJs.
  5. Uhmmm yeah so not sure who the YOU you are referring to maybe you can find some context to support that narrative though I highly doubt it, however Saleh nor LaFleur play OL which is what I was specifically talking about. Oh and yeah our coaches do need more time as well before the pitchforks come out in my opinion.
  6. Not whitewashing it, I actually agree with these points - and frustrated with the OLine a bit since that is/was supposed to be his specialty. You cant come in promising Mr & Mrs Darnold that you are going to protect their boy and not HEAVILY invest in that Wall
  7. You mean the Patriots game this week??? Uh yeah okay - Mac Jones is pretty much the main new peice of a system that has been in place for around 2 DECADES - but we have to figure ours out in a week.
  8. So you don think that learning a new blocking scheme would take time and consistently practicing and playing together to 'gel' - okay.
  9. I can feel you on this, I would offer that with this team being so young and no offseason last year and many injuries in this years preseason that they really havent had time to gel. Willie Colon was talking about this yesterday particularly when it comes to the OL. I also think that as someone else mentioned that for the first time I saw some really good halftime adjustments for the first time in a while. The Kids played better when they sped up the pace in the 2nd Half.
  10. Criticism is part of it and I get that...I am talking moreso of the Chicken Little - THE SKY IS FALLING mentality. Not every move is going to be that DESTINY CHANGER. It should and hopefully be a measured process. SAleh coaches one game - FIRE HIM. JD signed Lawson but he got a season ending injury in preseason - FIRE HIM. ZDub doesnt throw for 400 yards 4 TDs and no Interceptions in his 1st NFL Game - He Sucks. AVT has no preseason due to injury and the line hasnt had the chance to properly gel - They Suck!!! If we can all agree that the Jets make it challenging to be a fan with th
  11. I understand that we live in a society where everyone needs instant gratification, but these are not the SOJ - however the Jets still have the SOJ FANS. We have needed to tear it down completely for years and we are in the midst of the next phase which is the rebuild that and will have many growing pains along the way. Basically a new everything from top to bottom, dealing with major and minor injuries, false expectations based on vanilla pre-season, too much beer and brautwurst. If you cant see both the positives and negatives from yesterdays game and that this is an ongoing process then y
  12. Uhmmm yeah no you are not the only one to have been there lived in Gwinnett for roughly ten years - just came back from visiting family who still live in Loganville.
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