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  1. That is an incredible draft...however my first thought is by the time they all grow up we would be looking at a lot of money on their second deals and be in the same situation the next year (19 picks in the following draft!!!) I know everyone won't pan out and there are Comp Picks for the some of losses but that's still 14+19=33 rookies in 2 years. I also would have liked more offensive lineman especially in the middle rounds the draft for that pipeline, and did I hear right only 1 corner? We would definitely would be able to have the best trade packages to move up in this or the following draft which would consolidate the number of picks...Also go get Harbaugh to coach this team.
  2. A lot of his comments seem like he is upset he is not the Belle of the Ball anymore...even his interview this morning...like Sanchez is supposed to confide in him or that he should be part of Sanchez' advisory committee...does he ever have anything good to say?
  3. Does anyone know which local channel it will be on, if any, especially on Optimum
  4. Hmmm which was better seeing Sanchez running a lap for an offsides penalty or watching Mangold play in the secondary???
  5. I was also at the practice...the stadium wasnt hooked up like I would assume it would be for an actual game day...as far as Jets logos, photos, paraphernalia etc...I agree the upper seats seemed kinda steep but all in all it will be a good look when Monday Night comes around...I will try to post some of the pics I took later.
  6. I have to agree there is one word that comes to mind as he interviews and that is SMOOTH...I like how he asked what she said then replied "oh a compliment" I cant remember in all my years following the JETS being this happy after a QB interview feeling this good...ok maybe its a little premature but I Have earned it!!! :headbang::headbang::headbang::headbang:
  7. I was saying this yesterday...I actually think they could get him for TJ & 2010 2nd & 4th (5th would be even better)...can only hope...
  8. From your Keyboard to GOd's ears!!! I would be as Iron Mike would say Ek-static!!!
  9. Thats real big, I wasnt aware of that, tremendous plus!!!
  10. FOR REAL!!! Yo the just came out this new invention I think it may catch on get you one...

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