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  1. We live in a new era as you see now coddling and socio-emotional attentiveness has entered football
  2. Picked our former head coach for a day because he has proven his system trumps players, but when he does get players he squeezes everything out of them then discards them when the still have value. Kinda think we would need his GM from his early days too though
  3. Ok as we get into the final stretch what do you think Garrett Wilson and Sauce Gardner need to do in order to cement the Jets getting a rare sweep? Do you think Sauce has a chance at DPOY? Can QWill & Sauce finish 1 & 2 in voting? The OROTY would have been Breece’s in my opinion if he didn’t get hurt - but with Bam coming on the way he did I hope they bring Breece along slowly as that 1st year back from ACL typically seems to be about getting back to form before everything is back to ‘norm’ in year 2.
  4. The QB to lead the Jets to the SB with this core of young players and within this window - DOES NOT CURRENTLY PLAY FOR THE JETS. MW - Feel good story, great back up - unfortunately seen as fragile (hence his desire to seek out 10 Doctors who all told him - HELL NAW you cant play) he feels the fragile label. ZW - I’m done, don’t want to see him anymore this year and unless he comes to camp and has a miraculous turnaround or awakening - I’m ready to cut bait and see what we can recoup giving him a fresh start.
  5. Damn - Poor Kid gonna grow up without knowing real lessons on sticktoitiveness, loyalty, suffering, steadfastness, or an example of standing strong during adversity. One of my Twins (4 Yr Old Boys) today said ‘that’s okay we will play better against the Jaguars” then the other said “what’s a Jaguar?” - my reply was “its what the Jets are eating for dinner on Thursday.” To which they both replied - “YEAH”
  6. My prediction is that the Game Thread will be flooded with Chicken Littles who bemoan every play as some catastrophic sign of Doomsday. There will be a smaller contingent who try and remain optimistic and approach the situation with logic built they will get buried in an avalanche of pessimism. Ultimately win or lose we will have a full display of unresolved PTSD as a result of being abused fans.
  7. OLine - It has been a triage unit since before the season started - no QB’s have died and 2 Rookie RB’s have looked like ProBowler and a ProBowl Replacement
  8. Will this be the week we snap the Pepsi Rookie streak? Unless there is a way to get MFW in there since he is in his first 16 😂
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