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  1. 1 minute ago, SAR I said:


    The tsunami of stoner college dropouts gave Adam Gase 4 GAMES and that was without his franchise quarterback.

    They better hold Robert Saleh to the same standard.  He's got a better quarterback.  He's got a better coaching staff.  He's got a better GM.  He's got an easier schedule.

    SAR I

    Uh okay I wasn’t part of that brigade so not sure why you used the singular or all-inclusive ‘you’ in your retort.  That’s sorta like me sayin* - You should stop giving out sixth place and participation trophies because it prevents a lot of kids from knowing what it feels like to suck and therefore strive to be better so one day they can play offensive line for the NYJs.

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  2. 1 hour ago, SAR I said:

    Oh, wait, so you’re saying that Saleh and LaFleur need more time, ah, I get it.  

    Like you gave Gase and Loggains all that time in 2019, right?

    So that means they’ve got 3 weeks to get this thing fixed before the billboards go up and the planes start flying, yes?

    SAR I

    Uhmmm yeah so not sure who the YOU you are referring to maybe you can find some context to support that narrative though I highly doubt it, however Saleh nor LaFleur play OL which is what I was specifically talking about.  Oh and yeah our coaches do need more time as well before the pitchforks come out in my opinion.

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  3. 1 minute ago, southparkcpa said:


    After 3 years, JD is taking some well earned criticism. His first 2 years he was basically beyond reproach.

    Well...  IDGAF, he needs to do a better job drafting.  His drafts at best pedestrian.

    We have had the worst GM's the last 8 years, JD NOT included. We have well below average talent on this team as a result.





    Not whitewashing it, I actually agree with these points - and frustrated with the OLine a bit since that is/was supposed to be his specialty.  You cant come in promising Mr & Mrs Darnold that you are going to protect their boy and not HEAVILY invest in that Wall 

  4. Criticism is part of it and I get that...I am talking moreso of the Chicken Little - THE SKY IS FALLING mentality.  Not every move is going to be that DESTINY CHANGER.  It should and hopefully be a measured process.  SAleh coaches one game - FIRE HIM.  JD signed Lawson but he got a season ending injury in preseason - FIRE HIM.  ZDub doesnt throw for 400 yards 4 TDs and no Interceptions in his 1st NFL Game - He Sucks.  AVT has no preseason due to injury and the line hasnt had the chance to properly gel - They Suck!!!

    If we can all agree that the Jets make it challenging to be a fan with the lack of success then why do you think that it should change overnight - where there no rays of sunshine or hope?

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  5. 2 hours ago, Sarge4Tide said:

    As maybe the only poster on JetNation who has been to Dacula, Georgia, I can attest it is a perfectly lovely little down north of Atlanta in the very beginning foothills of the Appalachian Mountains.    It's in Gwinnet County, which is part of the massive urban sprawl from Atlanta - but far enough out to retain a lot of it's rural identity.  It's probably closer to Athens, GA and the University of Georgia than to downtown Atlanta

    Uhmmm yeah no you are not the only one to have been there lived in Gwinnett for roughly ten years - just came back from visiting family who still live in Loganville.

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  6. That is an incredible draft...however my first thought is by the time they all grow up we would be looking at a lot of money on their second deals and be in the same situation the next year (19 picks in the following draft!!!) I know everyone won't pan out and there are Comp Picks for the some of losses but that's still 14+19=33 rookies in 2 years.  I also would have liked more offensive lineman especially in the middle rounds the draft for that pipeline, and did I hear right only 1 corner?  We would definitely would be able to have the best trade packages to move up in this or the following draft which would consolidate the number of picks...Also go get Harbaugh to coach this team.

  7. A lot of his comments seem like he is upset he is not the Belle of the Ball anymore...even his interview this morning...like Sanchez is supposed to confide in him or that he should be part of Sanchez' advisory committee...does he ever have anything good to say?

  8. I was also at the practice...the stadium wasnt hooked up like I would assume it would be for an actual game day...as far as Jets logos, photos, paraphernalia etc...I agree the upper seats seemed kinda steep but all in all it will be a good look when Monday Night comes around...I will try to post some of the pics I took later.

  9. http://www.nfl.com/videos/new-york-jets/09000d5d810194f8/Sanchez-on-first-practice

    ...Love everything I hear from him so far. Keep up the good work Mark!!! :sign0098:

    I have to agree there is one word that comes to mind as he interviews and that is SMOOTH...I like how he asked what she said then replied "oh a compliment" I cant remember in all my years following the JETS being this happy after a QB interview feeling this good...ok maybe its a little premature but I Have earned it!!!


  10. Go and get Braylon Edwards:

    The Jets have sold the future anyway by dealing away all their picks for two players this year. Obviously, they have no interest in using the draft to fill holes, so they should just go ahead and burn next year's #1 and Thomas Jones (plus another pick or player) to get Edwards out of Cleveland.

    Currently, the Browns have only Jamal Lewis at HB, and they already went out and drafted two receivers this year to replace Edwards. They did not draft a RB. The Giants, long considered the top suitor to pick up Edwards, went ahead and drafted, not one, but THREE guys to catch the ball, effectively cancelling them off the list as a potential landing spot.

    The Browns need and the Jets need make this a perfect match.

    Tannenbaum hinted at something big yesterday, telling the collected media that the Jets "weren't finished" and that they should stay ready for something else. Could he have been pointing to an Edwards/Jones swap? Could be. It is clear that Mangini wants "his guys" around him, and Thomas Jones was a soldier for him this year. It would be a great match.

    Add to that, Edwards' trade value will never be lower. The Browns drafted two receivers, making it clear that Edwards will never see the new contract he wants from the Browns. Post-draft, Mangini has to choose between having a disgruntled Edwards in his locker room, potentially poisoning the water for his re-building process, or dealing Edwards on the cheap, selling the fan base on the league's leading rusher (Jones) and a pretty #1 pick in next year's draft. He will be hailed as a genius.

    Add to this the fact that Mangini will likely be dealing Brady Quinn for another #1 pick, which would make selling Edwards for a less-than-huge package easier to deal with across the board.

    Go get Edwards and it immediately changes the Jets' offense the second he puts on a uniform.

    I was saying this yesterday...I actually think they could get him for TJ & 2010 2nd & 4th (5th would be even better)...can only hope...

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