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  1. Our new management got off to a great start with last years draft...they need to continue that trend this year by further bolstering our offensive line with either Blalock or Grubbs...Kendall is getting old and we need some more MEAN road graders on the inside to compliment picking up T Jones...a solid running game will make Chad who is a great play action qb even better if teams actually fear our running game, with all the acquisitions this year in regards to the DL and OLB we need to see what will shake out from the tree before adding even further to it unless there is a 330 NT with tremendo
  2. [url=http://graphics.boston.com/images/bostondirtdogs//Headline_Archives/BDD_One_Day_at_a_Time.jpg]
  3. and the spinoff A Man Called Hawk
  4. you better not let Danny Bonnaducci here you say that lol
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