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  1. a conversion van with captain chairs...ROAD TRIP!!!!!!
  2. :headbang: :headbang: :headbang: Post your old school shows....
  3. 17th April, 2007 - 1:35 pmPress Release - NBA referee Joey Crawford has been indefinitely suspended for improper conduct toward Tim Duncan during the San Antonio Spurs at Dallas Mavericks game on April 15, it was announced today by NBA Commissioner David Stern. The conduct included Crawford's assessment of a second technical foul and ejection of Duncan following laughter by the player while he was seated on the bench, and inappropriate comments made to Duncan during the game. Crawford's suspension will cover at least the remainder of the 2006-07 season, including the NBA Playoffs and
  4. I just saved alot of money on my car insurance.
  5. Bingo...plus the whole Cleaver image, talking to Melphi about it, things could get kinda deep for Christopher lol
  6. Vito in the Leather at the wrong club "Its just a joke"...was a classic moment in Soprano history so there have been some moments over the last two season that have been worth it, and he Wire is incredible, and was Hearst (deadwood) not one of the meanest SOB's you have seen in a long time not sure if they are bringing Rome back though
  7. True i didnt even know there was a chatroom, im still wet behind my ears
  8. Now that is the truth I have never seen a town with Pro sports that is more pathetic...when you cant see the home team on Sundays because its not sold out the team needs to move where it will be appreciated
  9. Gainzo already squashed this situation and in the words of the Wise bill Maher there is a new product called Getoveritol...anyone i have upset please feel free to have some me I am watching Bill
  10. When does this show come on, i have never seen it and it seems like it may be worth a peep or two
  11. I dont know how I could have Left Rome of my list
  12. Wow i almost forgot about Samantha...yeah she can get it lol
  13. Turtle is a keeper...but ya boy Eric getting shook by a the menage had me crying lol
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