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  1. It was the first couple of times he did it, I have a sense of humor just as the next man, but when he locked up every thread repeatedly it became a sad example of an attention whore or MegaTroll
  2. Nah it actually goes back to his Chuck Norris infatuation
  3. not really. he just seems to be a lilttle peeved with me, he will get over it
  4. After opening their city to the NBA to assist with the Hornets and having great attendance do you think Stern gives them a permanent team?
  5. I will no longer reply to your attempts to draw me into online thuggery, as you are really not that worthy of an opponent, and as such I offer you this gift as I am sure you will surely appreciate it.....
  6. Hardy Har Har...that was quite lame, but what would you expect from someone with E.D. But since that name jumped right out at you and hit a nerve, let me ask the Resident Expert...since you find cox lodged in your throat so often does that make you a Ballchinean?
  7. once again trying to use subliminal suggestion in reference to his Ball infatuation :rl::rl::rl: sorry i couldnt help it..although i do enjoy his "come on guys dont post in this thread" effort
  8. sorry for the interruption everyone now back to our regularly scheduled programming
  9. speaking of gay since your finished nutriding Chuck Norris why dont you Shake N Bake Deeeeez Nuuuuuuuuuttttttttttttttttttttzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  10. I am humbled by your approval \\:D/
  11. why does anybody feel the need to post anything...its my perogative...why did you nutride Chuck Norris...cause its your perogative i personally find someone trying to make a buck off of an idiotic remark a little repulsive, but maybe i am the dumb one oh i know the next time there is a natural disaster i will find a gimmick to sell to make money off of it...i know i will go to home depot and buy a bunch of levels and then call them earthquake alarms
  12. http://www.cafepress.com/buy/ale/-/pv_design_prod/pg_1/p_storeid.123453739/pNo_123453739/id_18740065/opt_/fpt_/c_360/ :blowup: :blowup: :blowup: :blowup: :blowup: can just let stuff die
  13. Thanks...It always hurts to see Tony kill Manolo (Scarface)...that was the begining of the night of his demise...lol
  14. Yeah most times womens eyes only burn when sausages explode in their faces from what i have been told
  15. Rosie if you play your cards right you might end up in a menage lol Whoopi Goldberg or Nell Carter
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