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  1. Schindlers Llist was very raw emotionally as was Passion of the Christ
  2. l Sell...hasnt done enough unfortunately B/S: Knicks make the playoffs next year
  3. for me the two i can remember were Glory and Pursuit of Happiness
  4. New Rule: If you come in here acting like Chuck Norris, TaborJet will ban you:sign0098:
  5. New Rule: If you are riding Chuck Norris' sack you are ghei
  6. not exactly sure where your five hole is but dont want to come close to it at all
  7. This should be fun...please added your own and enjoy New Rule...Anna Nicole Smith is no longer news worthy
  8. before you cleaned your ducts did you wring their necks or did you treat them like chicken and just choke them?
  9. He doesnt feel pain because Bruce Lee severed his spinal cord
  10. no he doesnt cause Bruce Lee clapped him on the ears and Chuckie is bleeding from his ears so he cant hear me
  11. yeah but he's limping badly cause Bruce Lee kicked his azz again
  12. Courtney... Halle Berry or Janet Jackson
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