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  1. They opened one up down here in Atl in my building, not that impressed, now a Porterhouse from Ruths Chris that is something memories are made of, also olive garden is horrible, but i do endorse Maggiano's especially the Fried Mozarella, also if you get to Atlanta go to Spondivits the best seafood in Atl
  2. Great analysis my friend :love0030: :love0030: , yeah i wonder how Joe's character would have developed if it came on right after the L Word...but you have to admit when Arnold and Willis got rejected by the hood cats after showing up in the limo was classic:rl: You take the good You take the bad You take them both and there you have The Facts of Life I shall offer you a draw on this debate as it actually had significant impacts on society, one of the first mixed families and a sublimal introduction to girls on girls
  3. Do you not see that this conversation has elevated into a highly intellectual conversation about the merits of Different Strokes vs the Facts of Life...pick a a side or get out of the way
  4. hmmmmm....but see willis had janet jackson on there and even Tootie came on a few episodes, and when you compare that to Tootie (who had the biggest for a young teenager lol) and Blair, i think i will still give the edge to Different Strokes since Facts of Lilfe was the spinoff lol
  5. Sell - Freedom of Speech B/S - Tony Soprano is going ot knockk off Bobbie for giving him a beat down on his birthday
  6. Sell they only got 2sopo in case something happens to Clemens if he get in huddle this year B/S: Jack Bauer of 24 fame goes to the bathroom during commercial breaks
  7. Sorry your game experience is ruined by those who dont have season tickets and for your 4 hour ride home, hope everyone was ok after the truck hit you...but lets not get it twisted i dont NEED a Monday Night Game to validate squat and its not about stroking anyones ego as far as i am concerned...but anytime the burden of your drive or morbid disdain for Jet fans of any kind becomes to much for you to bear give me your tickets and i will fly in from Atlanta and subject myself to the torture of sitting in your seats Oh and the answer to your question...BECAUSE I FIND IT FUN...I FIND IT EN
  8. THANK YOU!!!!!! Everybody works, has a family, and other various responsibilities...sorry if you have problems staying out late, or have night time bladder issues, or arent allowed to take you balls out of the lockbox and hang out with the fellas at the bar/pub drink a few beers and eat some hot wings on a week night...i mean damn arent we talking about Monday Night Football?
  9. UHMMMMMMM...Respect has a lot to do with getting "W's" If a team has respect for you that is a pshycological edge...as in the respect that the league has for the Patriots, the respect the league had for the Cowboys, the respect the league has for the BMore Defense...that edge is very advantageous
  10. I actually think that because of this new ruling those who may be borderlilne issues will get their act together, these penalties are incredibly stiff...so i may be more inclined to take someone who people stray away from because of character issues (only the minor ones lol) with the reward of getting a great talent...the league has now put the players in check
  11. I am certain Mangini will find a way to use this snub as motivation in some manner this season...i think the Jets as a whole should look at this as an expression of disrespect, not only did we have a big turnaround but we were also a playoff team, who drastically improved our running game and are trying to make strides on the DLine...yet not considered worthy of putting the Jets product on Monday night and only 1 primetime game is utterly ridiculous
  12. I weelly weelly wuv your avatar ::wub lol
  13. WTF this is BS... Arizona San Fransisco twice Washington Buffalo Green Bay Minnesota Every other team in the AFC East got at least one...this is some of the dumbest scheduling i have seen
  14. Sell - he will just move early games in cold weather cities to warmer climates... Buy or Sell: Arod will finish in the top 3 for MVP voting this season
  15. The Knicks even get robbed on this list...not only did Mike deny Pat the rings he deserved then Starks shot us in the balls in game 7 when Riley wouldnt take him out and put in Hubert Davis when Mike took a hiatus...as a Knicks & Jets fan I have grown accustomed to Sports letdowns...if it werent for my Yankees i probably would be in Bellvue
  16. Without a doubt it is The Boz...he could have had a stellar career if he didnt get some bad advice from his agent or whoever it was that suggested he get off the JUICE, he would have had a good 10 years under his belt, then he could have made the switch to HGH, look what it did for the Panthers as a team they almost got a ring.
  17. Uhmmmm i am just gooing to take a stab at it....CHAMPIONSHIPS?
  18. and what has he done since the odd couple broke up?
  19. You may be right because Dante and Mosss havent done squat without each other anyway, they never should have split up, but they dont remotely have anything that resembles an offensive line
  20. http://sports.espn.go.com/nfl/news/story?id=2808684
  21. i hope he works out , that would be a great signing, but i wonder what his work out looked like and i dont think anyone saw this coming
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