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  1. that plus the fact that he should be well rested since he didnt record a single stat last season
  2. what makes you think he has upside...his career numbers have gotten worse each year and he got absolutely no burn last year with the Sainits??? is there some new slang i am not hip to...is this like she's bad meaning she's good...so when you say upside you mean he will be a good pratice squad player right?
  3. but our base D is a 3-4 that will sometimes flex into a 4-3
  4. hmmm couldnt find him on the espn nfl players site
  5. if you like your quarterback rushing for 1000 yards and putting his career in jeopardy then hell yeah Vick is WAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYY BEEEEEETTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTEEEEERRRRRRR...personally i dont...i would be wetting my pants every Sunday right at kickoff if i were Authur Blank
  6. yeah but that is one expensive decoy...but obviously Houston has money to burn
  7. I bought Bush when he got up after that opening hit against Philly in the playoffs that was a career defining moment, he shook it off and had a great game
  8. TJ somewhere around the 4th round...but ya boy Reggie Bush needs to get on your list any runningback that get 100 receptions get my attention...and F Gore
  9. just make sure you draft TJ next year and stay away from LJ Herm will run him into the ground ala CM next year...he wont last the seaon
  10. Thanks Marshall for guiding me to my first victory in Fantasy Football, well i actually had Kurt Warner too and Peyton nevermind...thats for helping me win a nice G stack...good luck in all the rest of your pursuits.
  11. Another reason to dislike the Patriots and someone tell Torre to stop fratinizing witht the enemy Patriots coach Bill Belichick visited with Joe Torre before the Yankees spring training game, watching batting practice behind the cage with the manager, Brian Cashman and Yogi Berra. Torre and Belichick met a few years ago at Fenway Park, and the two have remained in touch ever since. -- New York Daily News
  12. you mean better than when Martin Led the league in rushing with 1697 and LJordan had 497 backing him up...maybe its just me but i would need you to clarify what you mean by better or pass the dutchie on the left hand side so i can bask in the green haze too
  13. Niners trying to put together a defense to go with that young and upcoming offense within about 2 years they should be pretty good again
  14. Witht the recent additions to the AFC East how do you think they compare defensively with.... NFC Central....Bears, Vikings, Packers, Lions NFC South....Atlanta, Carolina, New Orleans, Tampa bay NFC East....Eagles, Giants, Washington, Dallas i only included these because i feel the AFC is definitely better than the remaining divisions i left off...
  15. LOL no its not MadMike or anyone else posing lol...and yes i did see how much they got, but we didnt even try is what probably bothers me more...further looking into the Porter signing Mia didnt even give him a chance to visit anyone they just blew him away with their offer...reread my original post if nec i am not of the Doom and Gloom Ilk that MadMike belongs too lol
  16. While up to this point i have a lot of confidence in our FO, i am surprised that we didnt even make any real attempts when it comes to these FA's. I really wanted Porter more than the other 2 as i thought he would have given us a real intimidatiing force that all great defenses need, plus he would have kept the fire burning on the field. Yes we probably will get more pieces by spending the same money on Bowens and Coleman, but the thougt of Porter in Kelly Green flying around the corner with his sights locked in on Tom Brady maked my knees weak...now i have a pit in my stomach knowing t
  17. I disagree with you on the 1 yr stop gap bit...yes he's 29 but he also split time with Benson and was not worn down...if he splits time here with Leon like expected i think it would give us at least 2-3 yrs for us to search for a great young back
  18. I am so proud of my first prominent news drop to this board
  19. CORRECT we GET JONES & 08 2nd Rnd Pick for 1 of oour 2nd this yr...i could be wrong but that is what i thought i heard them say and if thats the case I like that trade
  20. Just saw this on ESPN i thought they said T Jones and 2008 2nd rd pick for one of our 07 2nd rnd picks can anyone verify or clarify
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