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  1. Witht the recent additions to the AFC East how do you think they compare defensively with....

    NFC Central....Bears, Vikings, Packers, Lions

    NFC South....Atlanta, Carolina, New Orleans, Tampa bay

    NFC East....Eagles, Giants, Washington, Dallas

    i only included these because i feel the AFC is definitely better than the remaining divisions i left off...

  2. Did you see how much $$$ Porter and Clements got?

    LOL no its not MadMike or anyone else posing lol...and yes i did see how much they got, but we didnt even try is what probably bothers me more...further looking into the Porter signing Mia didnt even give him a chance to visit anyone they just blew him away with their offer...reread my original post if nec i am not of the Doom and Gloom Ilk that MadMike belongs too lol

  3. While up to this point i have a lot of confidence in our FO, i am surprised that we didnt even make any real attempts when it comes to these FA's. I really wanted Porter more than the other 2 as i thought he would have given us a real intimidatiing force that all great defenses need, plus he would have kept the fire burning on the field.

    Yes we probably will get more pieces by spending the same money on Bowens and Coleman, but the thougt of Porter in Kelly Green flying around the corner with his sights locked in on Tom Brady maked my knees weak...now i have a pit in my stomach knowing that Dbrick and possibly Colombo have four games at least against the likes of Porter and A Thomas

  4. I really hate this. Why move down 30 spots in the draft just to get a one-year stop gap?

    I disagree with you on the 1 yr stop gap bit...yes he's 29 but he also split time with Benson and was not worn down...if he splits time here with Leon like expected i think it would give us at least 2-3 yrs for us to search for a great young back

  5. Greetings to all board members, now to the subject at hand...i think Turner for a second is as good as drafting a running back with one of our seconds...the reality of the situation is that unless we upgrade the O-line and get some road graders that can open up holes to the second tier of the defense, it wont matter who we have in the backfield outside of Leon who can bust open te swing pass

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