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    Better....Yes Not sure what your definition of 'well' is...
  2. Ok so i take it you are a Chi fan cool...then you would also know that when they had Curry his role was only to put points in the basket since he got there along with Jamal Craw i might add...because they drafted the so called twin towers with Chandler who was responsible for anchoring the defense and rebounding, and lazy yeah i guess he wouldl be considered lazy since the most they ever played him was in his second year and then it was for only 29 minutes a game...they did a poor job of developing him and most that really follow the sport would agree not every management style works for every
  3. Nevermind he doesnt want the opportunity to play with Chi either and decided to go back to school.
  4. I dont see how Portland can not take him...didnt Aldrigde get hurt last year I would move him to the 4 or trade him...Oden is an East Coast Center playing in the West he will Dominate most nights lilke Shaq did and Yao does.
  5. Myspace has many faults and i didnt set up a page til about 2 weeks ago because...my brother came down for a visit and has been trying to find his best friend from jr hgh school who moved away that was close to my whole family...he went on myspace and found him sent him a message and he called him back in like 20 minutes...they hadnt seen or spoke to each other in over 15 years...that was cool as heck to me.
  6. Glad to see it especially after the mutiny and him almost losing his job the year before.
  7. I think Atl would have been better off not getting the 3rd pick and paying off Phx with the the 4th pick this year and taking a big man with the pick they got from the pacers...then prepping for the lottery next year...the 3rd pick in this draft is like sloppy thirds
  8. Uhmmmm...i didnt say he wasnt well mannered, or he wasnt well spoken...he is...but he has no PERSONALITY...meaning he is lackluster and boring when giving interviews...he leaves the interviewer searching for filler and the viewer wishing they would go to the next person or a commercial...you dont have to be a obnoxious assinine individual to have personality unless your screen name is ShadowJet35
  9. Yeah Chi did do a poor job of teaching him the fundamentals I am glad he is only 24 and his D is improving if you have been watching him play, but that was a weak comeback again but use it as much as you can because I dont think you will be able to say that for long either.
  10. You mean for taking their low post presence which they sorely needed against the Pistons, and the heart condition that was really solved by BETTER CONDITIONING, no problem maybe yall can use the pick on Hibbert you know us Knicks fans have alot of love for GTown Centers, oh and for the record that should e the last time you say something like that as it is one of the lamest arguments in sports...while we already have our product in Curry, the Bulls are still fishing for theirs.
  12. personality of a at first I thought he was just a humble kid, he may be humble still but he has as much flavor to him as Air Pudding & Wind Sauce
  13. Well unfortunately I hope you ended up taking a dive off the Brooklyn Bridge because their is no way I want Oden or Durant facing my Knicks that often and I hope we dont get a top 3 and have to give it to Chi
  14. Winky better beat Hopkins for that to happen with any good type of money involved...but Hopkins will win and for the record Zab is doo doo...a lilttle mike tyson wannabee
  15. OMG...glad i just upgraded to a 500 gig hd
  16. Spoken like a TRUE MAN...kudos and much respect to you.
  17. dont forget about my miserable attempt to start a story thread which i recvd a pm advsing me that was a futile attempt that never works lol
  18. Thanks for that informative lesson on the function of the liver i think that solidifies that i wont eat it (95%)...but i do eat chicken gizzards lol Oh wow no one has said Chitterlings...Chitlins...whatever you want to call them they are pig intestines...i walked into my GreatGrandmothers house when i was 14 and they were cleaning them...i turned around and asked my Grandfather if we could open the window because someone was foul...he replied boy thats them cleaning those chitlins...my face dropped and i have never eaten them to this day lol
  19. Ok here are the simple rule I am going to start a story and the next person in the thread picks up were the previous person left off and continues the story...Happy Reading... One day I walked in the local sports bar sit down after a long day and have a couple of brews. My waitress came over with her daisy dukes and Jets sports bra on and asked me what I would I like to have...
  20. I still stand by my notion that he is a project that just needs to be invested in for at least 1 yr before he needs to be put on a football field
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