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  1. Too bad he cant play defense...

    Yeah Chi did do a poor job of teaching him the fundamentals I am glad he is only 24 and his D is improving if you have been watching him play, but that was a weak comeback again but use it as much as you can because I dont think you will be able to say that for long either.

  2. The Bulls would like to thank you for giving them a #9 pick... for Curry... a guy who cant play D and has a heart condition... lol

    You mean for taking their low post presence which they sorely needed against the Pistons, and the heart condition that was really solved by BETTER CONDITIONING, no problem maybe yall can use the pick on Hibbert you know us Knicks fans have alot of love for GTown Centers, oh and for the record that should e the last time you say something like that as it is one of the lamest arguments in sports...while we already have our product in Curry, the Bulls are still fishing for theirs.

  3. I'm not a fan of the way the NBA has the ping-pong balls to determine who gets the 1st pick.

    The Celtics were screwed in '97 when they received picks 3 & 6 and the Spurs ended up with Tim Duncan.

    I heard today that only 5 or 6 teams who finished dead last have ended up with the 1st pick since the NBA instituted this ridiculous system.

    I'm just hoping the Celtics get pick 1 or 2. If not I may just jump of a bridge!

    Well unfortunately I hope you ended up taking a dive off the Brooklyn Bridge because their is no way I want Oden or Durant facing my Knicks that often and I hope we dont get a top 3 and have to give it to Chi

  4. zab judah is pretty good when he has his head on straight, he slapped mayweather around for 5 rounds then decided to get cute and lost the fight.

    I dont know how Jermaine Taylor and Winky Wright didnt agree to a rematch after their stellar fight last year. Hopefully we see it again.

    Winky better beat Hopkins for that to happen with any good type of money involved...but Hopkins will win and for the record Zab is doo doo...a lilttle mike tyson wannabee

  5. I can say that, strictly on a superficial level, I would happily couple with 99 of them. The other one is computer generated.

    Being strictly grounded in reality, however, I know that an average-looking, 44-year-old guy with no fame and little money has a better chance of drinking beer with Jesus.

    Besides, I already have a better woman than I deserve.

    Spoken like a TRUE MAN...kudos and much respect to you.

  6. hahaha, 124 went on a posting spree and posted ever news article he could find. T'was the only excitement around here.

    dont forget about my miserable attempt to start a story thread which i recvd a pm advsing me that was a futile attempt that never works lol

  7. Thanks for that informative lesson on the function of the liver i think that solidifies that i wont eat it (95%)...but i do eat chicken gizzards lol

    Oh wow no one has said Chitterlings...Chitlins...whatever you want to call them they are pig intestines...i walked into my GreatGrandmothers house when i was 14 and they were cleaning them...i turned around and asked my Grandfather if we could open the window because someone was foul...he replied boy thats them cleaning those chitlins...my face dropped and i have never eaten them to this day lol

  8. Ok here are the simple rule I am going to start a story and the next person in the thread picks up were the previous person left off and continues the story...Happy Reading...

    One day I walked in the local sports bar sit down after a long day and have a couple of brews. My waitress came over with her daisy dukes and Jets sports bra on and asked me what I would I like to have...

  9. This isn't a minor case of just needing a little conditioning. The guy couldn't make it 10 minutes. There is absolutely no hope. If he really wanted to play in the NFL he would be in much better shape than he is right now.

    How would you do in southern La with temps right out of the sun and coaches trying to gas you out?

  10. yeah I just saw this on ESPN also...and yes I was one of the folk that wanted us to use our seventh or get him as an UDFA...now he got cut to be honest if its conditioning that is something that can be fixed, since his is nimble and strong, whose to say if he took off 30 and was a slim (lol) 345, i would think he would be able to have more stamina than say a Grady Jackson who is clogging up the middle in ATL...any way how much wouldl it cost to sign him and throw him on the PS

  11. damn how could i have forgotten lima beans ...really i hated most types of beans and MUSHROOMS i have been trying to incorporate them into my diet but it hasnt been going to well lol...oh and by the way i said i hated it but i ate it and did appreciate it...i knew that there were a lot of other kids out in the world that would have love to be eating what was on my plate, the problem was i didnt know where i could find any of them and i had to eat it thru the tears lol

    side note i always liked beets dont know why maybe to color lol

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  12. Most of the cobras you see llike this one and the ones used by Snake Charmers have had their fangs and venom sacs removed making them quite harmless and also making them die at a much faster rate...its all for show

  13. Wow, that's 2 braves fans on these boards, damn, hey Smiz, is that a record?

    Uhmmmm if you are referring to me being a braves fan let me clear the air I AM A DIEHARD YANKEE FAN 1st AND FOREMOST, but i do root for the braves in the nl over the wets because i hated the mcreynolds trade, i was in heaven when the Yankees came to ATL and stomped a hole in the braves arses so dont get it twisted...i was replying to the thread of the most common excuses people like to use in hating on the Yankees

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