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  1. Thanks for finding that...hope he pans out just to prove everyone wrong but his myspace page is enough to make you loook elsewhere if you are a gm...not a good look in the roger goodell era lol
  2. I think its sad that Pennington gets less respect from his 'fans' than from around the league (Comeback Player of he Year), his interceptions were up really...whose wouldnt without any threat from the running game, when you only need to keep 7 in the box, i wonder if that will change this year, arguably one of the smartest qbs in the league, never complalined about lack of protection that took out 2 qbs in the same damn game, reduced his contract and came back and led the team to one of the biggest turn arounds, has never really had a te, yet has ALWAYS found a way to be leader on a team with
  3. The SOUND of his blocks was very impressive, you can hear the plastic poppin
  4. i mistakenly posted that he signed with the eagles becauseof something i saw online about a link at nfl countdown, but it was not posted anywhere else..i am waiting to find ouut myself if we dont sign him i hope he goes to an nfc team we dont face in case he turns into the monster that people think he can
  5. and i love you you infer that he is not...how many udfa do play right away...and project is a word you hear from round 6 on...did this guy steal your bike or take your lunch money?
  6. great footage, if the NFL allows him to bring his Flaming Stick he would be unstoppable!!!
  7. he did a great job and didnt get pushed around by Kiper...classic moment was when he looked at his watch and asked if it was ok to eat on the set because he was hungry lol
  8. unfortunately i agree with you, funny how so many people talking about how crappy he was and now he is probably one of the most sought after udfa...can you say mini bidding war, lets hope that he loved his visit to NY
  9. Draft Daddy has an updated list http://www.draftdaddy.com/features/2007_AFC_UDFA.cfm and no walter thomas or tim duckworth on there
  10. man crush huh...well at 6'4 375 and our dline concerns i think he is worth a shot, and character issues i think goodell has developed a plan to deal with those going forward i doubt there will be as many nfl players jeopardizing their jobs...i know that there a chance that everytime he hits the field there is a opportunity for mayhem and i would rather us give him a shot and not work out than another team give him one and he does...now by what information have you determined he's not good are you one of his jilted ex's
  11. did a google search on eagles sign walter thomas and its the first one llisted for nfldraftcountdown.com
  12. Found a report trying to get the lilnk now its on the draft countdown msg board but i dont have log in...looking elsewhere
  13. WHAT NO WALTER THOMAS NO OLINEMEN :blowup: :blowup:
  14. i wonder how much weight he cold put on to make the switch to tight end they say he is a decent blocker too
  15. Oh yeah The Lounge is like Vegas, anything goes and whatever happens in The Lounge stays in The Lounge
  16. Welcome aboard this is a great site, but just be warned you must have thick skin as any real Jet fan would otherwise the sharks will eat you up, from one newbie to another lol
  17. One thing i do know is that this kid comes from one of the top hig school programs in the country Northside High School which yearly is a school in contention on the national stage and plays its rival Warner Robins which also is a national powerhouse here in Ga, so he has good roots.
  18. not yet we have to see what UDFA and june 1st cuts we get
  19. I hope that in your profession you are not responisble for making evaluations of any kind what so ever that is utterly and disrespectfully bias and wrong, the only one you came close with was Miami, this is the type of post that allows others to take shots at Jet fans, now put the bong down and step away from your computer, I vote for a 3 day timeout.
  20. Compares to: Cosey Coleman, Cleveland -- Duckworth is a classic road grader with the lower-body power to anchor and the hand punch to shock and impede a defender's forward progress. He plays with good aggression, but sometimes gets out of control, resulting in him lunging and overextending in attempts to get back into the play. He performed better in 2005 than as a senior. Perhaps his offseason knee problems affected him; he struggled vs. the speed rush in 2006, giving up 5
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