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  1. If Bonds had never used steroids, which I don't believe for a second, I'd still be rooting for a career-ending injury.

    Wow thats a bit harsh i hope there isnt a fellow poster or coworker that doesnt like you wishing for you to have a major case of carpal tunnel or severe arthritis ending your work/posting career


  2. This post made no sense, I guess you're defending bonds. He's a punk, plain and simple, he is a cheater and should not get the record.

    Nah not really defending him, moreso blaming the system, everyone treats him like its his fault the baseball honor system was flawed, wants to call him the poster child, but its funny how many other athletes actually quit altogether McGwire or took a year off to flush their systems Sosa, but Bonds has been stroking away thru the fire (and the numerous test he must be given), fair or unfair juiced or not he will be the King of Swat unless the Government steps in and finds a way to prosecute him and save Baseball from reaping what it sowed

  3. yeah just because everybody else (and thats a whole lot of people were doing roids hgh andro and whatever else) took a lilttle something he really gained an edge in hand eye coordination, and whatever he took improved his bat swing to perfection, never mind the fact that we have all read documentation that many ball players had friends that were veterinarians (wow i spelled that wrong but just sound it out) because they had the best goods, including babe the give me something to pick me up because i am drunk and hungover ruth...the playing field was level some chose to use others didnt and there were no rules against it for a long time...hold up i'll be back i need to get a mop to clean up all this sour milk spilled allover the floor

  4. He ended up with the Saints.




    Talk of smoking grass and such on his myspace page should go over real well with Payton. 10 Vbucks says this guy doesn't make it out of minicamp....

    Thanks for finding that...hope he pans out just to prove everyone wrong but his myspace page is enough to make you loook elsewhere if you are a gm...not a good look in the roger goodell era lol

  5. Who's it gonna be?

    I think it will be a dog fight to the finish. The Fins will put up an excellent fight with their 3 linebackers over the age of 30, no notable corners, and a Trent "still dazed" Green starting at QB.

    When it comes down to worst all the way through the finish, it has to be none other than Spermy's KANSAS CITY CHIEFS. They are the team that can, and will take themselves to the mother land of worst and most incompitant team in the NFL. Congratulations Herm, you are on your way out of the NFL. Do not fear my son, there is a high school in my conference looking for a defensive backs coach at the JV level. I'll do the leg work to get your resume to them.

    i cant see that...maybe the texans, miami or raiders

  6. I think its sad that Pennington gets less respect from his 'fans' than from around the league (Comeback Player of he Year), his interceptions were up really...whose wouldnt without any threat from the running game, when you only need to keep 7 in the box, i wonder if that will change this year, arguably one of the smartest qbs in the league, never complalined about lack of protection that took out 2 qbs in the same damn game, reduced his contract and came back and led the team to one of the biggest turn arounds, has never really had a te, yet has ALWAYS found a way to be leader on a team with a winning record...i could see if this were the 9ers with all there qb royalty...but let me think since namath...we have had Todd, O'Brien, Nagle, O'Donnell, Foley, Vinny, and lets not forget about Cater, Foley, Lucas, Ramsey and Bollinger and PENNINGTON (arguably the best qb since our SB win) and day after day there are threads started talking about how much he sucks how weak his arm is looking at last season int ratio as if that what he always does...the next thread i am looking for is "Brad Smith needs to start at QB"

    Does anybody have a Percocet this thread gave me a massive headache.

    Good Luck Chad I am rooting for you to have another successful season especially with a full off season with no rehabbing...hmmm does that mean that instead of getting his arm up to strength to play that maybe since there is no injury that it may get stronger...uhhh no that would be to speculative on my part.

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  7. does anybody has any news on this guy

    i mistakenly posted that he signed with the eagles becauseof something i saw online about a link at nfl countdown, but it was not posted anywhere else..i am waiting to find ouut myself if we dont sign him i hope he goes to an nfc team we dont face in case he turns into the monster that people think he can

  8. I love how you all infer that he's so widely looked after but I'd put any amount of money on the fact that nobody wants him. He will be a project, it will easily take a few years before he is ready to play in the NFL. He has played 2 games in 2 years, his best bet is to go to NFL Europe or some other pro football league for a while and actually get some playing experience.

    and i love you you infer that he is not...how many udfa do play right away...and project is a word you hear from round 6 on...did this guy steal your bike or take your lunch money?

  9. I saw that we had signed him as an UDFA and I started to do some research on him. He looks like an absolute beast in the mold of a Troy Palamalu. It appears as though he may have ran in the 4.6's which killed any chance of him getting drafted, but looking at YouTube video of the guy, he looks like a beast. Maybe a good special teams find.


    great footage, if the NFL allows him to bring his Flaming Stick he would be unstoppable!!!

  10. From my perspective, I thought KJ did a very credible job for ESPN on the draft.

    Much less of the Michael Irvin bluster and need to get in your face and force his opinion. He was candid, open and I thought frank on what he felt. I did not see him trying to protect the NFL agenda, or a team agenda.

    Really, I thought he was a breath of fresh air on the show. And I find myself surprised saying that.

    I do have to admit that I only watched 60% of day one (little league coach, kids, life), so maybe I missed some dumb moments.

    he did a great job and didnt get pushed around by Kiper...classic moment was when he looked at his watch and asked if it was ok to eat on the set because he was hungry lol

  11. My guess is that if nobody has heard anything on Thomas yet then it is not because nobody is interested, it is probably because more than one team is interested.

    unfortunately i agree with you, funny how so many people talking about how crappy he was and now he is probably one of the most sought after udfa...can you say mini bidding war, lets hope that he loved his visit to NY

  12. Dude why do you have such a man crush on Walter Thomas? He's not good and he's probably one of the most questionable characters in the draft. He's definitely not a Mangini type of player either.

    man crush huh...well at 6'4 375 and our dline concerns i think he is worth a shot, and character issues i think goodell has developed a plan to deal with those going forward i doubt there will be as many nfl players jeopardizing their jobs...i know that there a chance that everytime he hits the field there is a opportunity for mayhem and i would rather us give him a shot and not work out than another team give him one and he does...now by what information have you determined he's not good are you one of his jilted ex's

  13. Well, I think that is fair......there is no business for serious personal attacks....but are people "senisble" enough to know what is serious and what is not?

    To any pats fan: :shutit:

    Thanks for the quick reply.


    Oh yeah The Lounge is like Vegas, anything goes and whatever happens in The Lounge stays in The Lounge

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