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  1. Well, I just found out that I was permanetly banned from that site.....LOL (didn't even know it, thought somthing was wrong with my browser). I am not even quit sure why...but am getting filled in now.

    Oh well, that's cool.....I will be posting on this site from now on though.


    Franklin Moga III, MD FACS

    Welcome aboard this is a great site, but just be warned you must have thick skin as any real Jet fan would otherwise the sharks will eat you up, from one newbie to another lol

  2. One thing i do know is that this kid comes from one of the top hig school programs in the country Northside High School which yearly is a school in contention on the national stage and plays its rival Warner Robins which also is a national powerhouse here in Ga, so he has good roots.

  3. Well it is over and I think we as jets fans can be very happy at what transpired this weekend. My overall assessment is this:

    Jets A: This was an absolutely marvelous draft job by Tangini. We get an automatic shutdown corner in Darrelle Revis. The guy is simply amazing. Great job in giving up a small amount to what may end up bing a faster version of Ty law. This was a great great pick. The pick of David Harris was also great. He is a stud LB with great east west speed and will help out Vilmma tremendously. These ar two probowl picks we got...for comparetively little. Jacob Bender is a stud Ol who will challenge for a starting spot. I am telling you folks, this guy was way undervalueed by Mel Kiper, etc. We got him in the 6th when he was 3rd round value. I like the final pick of stuckey...he had some injury problems for the Tigers, but when healthy he is a great slot WR. He should replace Mcareins. Overall, we did the best job af any AFC East team.

    Patsies B: Did ok overall. Nice value in giving up a 4th for Moss. I also liked thre 1st riund slection of Meriweather. The selction of Kareem Brown was also a good value pick. Nothing else they did was worth mentioning. Pretty avergae at best, and most scrubs who will be cut come August 231st.

    Bills C-: They reached on the 1st selection of Marshawn Lynch at RB. He could have been had in the 2nd round. This was a waste of value. They had a nice pick of Paul Poslusny in the 2nd round, and Trent Edwards in the 3rd wasn't bad. Overall a slightly below average day for Marv Levy and those geezers.

    Dolphins F: They had by far one of the worst drafts in NFL history. They blew a chance at a top QB in Brady Quinn and instead reached for a unpolished WR who may be injurd well into the 2007 season. Ginn is still in a boot and wont be ready till August At BEST. There selction of John Beck at Qb is laughable. He was a 5th round pick in my book and is only trading camp fodder for most teams. They did not have another meaniingful pick in the draft and overall are being crucified by the national media. It is awesome to watch how they are getting killed.

    So, I think as this draft ends, we all should feel good. The patsies have made alot off season splash but it is all BS. There wiill be no chemistry and those players will implode. We will overtake them for th AFC East.

    F. Moga III

    I hope that in your profession you are not responisble for making evaluations of any kind what so ever that is utterly and disrespectfully bias and wrong, the only one you came close with was Miami, this is the type of post that allows others to take shots at Jet fans, now put the bong down and step away from your computer, I vote for a 3 day timeout.

  4. Compares to: Cosey Coleman, Cleveland -- Duckworth is a classic road grader with the lower-body power to anchor and the hand punch to shock and impede a defender's forward progress. He plays with good aggression, but sometimes gets out of control, resulting in him lunging and overextending in attempts to get back into the play. He performed better in 2005 than as a senior. Perhaps his offseason knee problems affected him; he struggled vs. the speed rush in 2006, giving up 5

  5. Where did that info come from? His agent? FO types never lie to players and agents.

    I thought i heard it somewhere but the more it hink about it i think it came from that day dream i had...but here is more info on him lol sorry (but they did bring him in for a visit so i can hope)

    Compares To: Terdell Sands, Oakland -- Actually, Thomas is a mixture of Ted Washington, for size and ability to occupy multiple blocker; Sands, for his explosion and long reach; and Marcus Stroud, for his ability to shoot the gaps and wreak havoc in the backfield

  6. Well from that short read he sounds like a good prospect who in 2 or 3 years could crack the starting lineup at RT in place of Anthony Clement.

    Should be interesting to see if we go Guard or another position at 235.

    We are getting Walter Thomas Jets told him that if he was available with their last pick they would get him when he came in for his team visit

  7. If possible and he's still available I would like Rhema McKnight out of ND. He would be a pretty solid value for the 7th round and WR is a position of some need. Obviously we're thinking guard after June first, so you have to go BPA in the 7th.

    exactly Best Project Available = Walter Thomas

  8. interesting to osee all lthese other ol i have never heard of going over Beekman especially since i thought BC was known for putting out good ol...if he last to tenn then i hope they would make that trade for jmac then we would need to find another wr though

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