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  1. here you go...would yo ulike me to read it out loud and real slow for you too...damn you would think with almost 2000 post you would know how to search the forum, instead of nevermind...enjoy http://jetnation.com/forums/showthread.php?t=34220&highlight=walter+thomas
  2. if you are that curios there were ful complete threads on him a couple of days ago with all the info you need, sorry you werent around to see them but most of those who have been here know who i am talking about because we already discussed him
  3. do a google search, right now i am in the midst of a panic attack as a result of Moss going to NE
  4. The patriots have had one of the best off seasons i have ever seen and they still have like 6 picks to play with...it hurts as a Jet fan but as a Football fan I have to give respect where respect is due
  5. at 375 pounds of pure gristle i could care less is he do flips he should be able to tie up a ol or two or at least catapult over them lol
  6. Keith Smart - butthole
  7. ouch they just said he lost about 20 mil in his freefall, they hope he will be able to make it up in incentives placed in his contract
  8. After getting our guard today we really should get another pick to take a chance on the Beast...am I the only one who thinks so?
  9. We need some more picks, since we went for the jugular witht the 1st 2 picks...we need a guard Beekman and we need to take a shot at Walter "The Beast" Thomas
  10. thats what i said earlier we need another pick to get WALTER THE BEAST THOMAS
  11. Cotchery will suffice as a burner for now
  12. uhmmmmm pardon my ignorance but...what does pwnz mean?
  13. yeah there was alot of big talk about him leading up to the draft
  14. LMAO at Keyshawn keeping it real....I'm Hungry lol
  15. well we still need 1 more pick then so we can get walter the beast thomas
  16. they must plan on getting oline help from the june 1st cuts
  17. so all we have left is a 5th and a 7th???
  18. i guess with every pick we have left cause thats the only NEED position left
  19. is the steelers new coach omar epps older brother?
  20. for the record that Old Spice commercial is GROSS lol
  21. yeah the blalock pick hurts but they are not speaking about ya boy houston as favorably as say somel one like revis, but any ho
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