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  1. uhmmmmm pardon my ignorance but...what does pwnz mean?
  2. yeah there was alot of big talk about him leading up to the draft
  3. LMAO at Keyshawn keeping it real....I'm Hungry lol
  4. well we still need 1 more pick then so we can get walter the beast thomas
  5. they must plan on getting oline help from the june 1st cuts
  6. so all we have left is a 5th and a 7th???
  7. i guess with every pick we have left cause thats the only NEED position left
  8. is the steelers new coach omar epps older brother?
  9. for the record that Old Spice commercial is GROSS lol
  10. yeah the blalock pick hurts but they are not speaking about ya boy houston as favorably as say somel one like revis, but any ho
  11. :rl: :rl: at Cameron trying to tell Mia draft party how much they are going to love their new punt returner lol
  12. wow chi raped SD...2nd 3rd 5th and an 08 3rd for weddle
  13. again these kids were just rafted have not played a single down only time will tell...no one knows who is right or wrong
  14. Shadow your sig has me in tears...at least give him a chance...and have a little faith in our ex db coach
  15. Posdanus goes t Buffalo, damn i am not looking forward to seeing him twice a year
  16. oh yeah thats right, but wew already have enough linemen with leg/knee issues (DRob) they need that leg strength to push all that weight around, i would pass anyway though because of the offseason acq's we already brought on board
  17. anyone know why branch has fallen so far???
  18. looks like we may end up with Blalock at the rat this draft is going none of the second rnd qbs taken, still cbs on the board, Posdanus on the board, harris etc...can only wait and see
  19. we can only hope not...oh damn yes they are they get next yrs 1 and a 4th this year...9ers are morons they must think they are going to win the bowl
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