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  1. Shadow your sig has me in tears...at least give him a chance...and have a little faith in our ex db coach
  2. Posdanus goes t Buffalo, damn i am not looking forward to seeing him twice a year
  3. oh yeah thats right, but wew already have enough linemen with leg/knee issues (DRob) they need that leg strength to push all that weight around, i would pass anyway though because of the offseason acq's we already brought on board
  4. looks like we may end up with Blalock at the rat this draft is going none of the second rnd qbs taken, still cbs on the board, Posdanus on the board, harris etc...can only wait and see
  5. we can only hope not...oh damn yes they are they get next yrs 1 and a 4th this year...9ers are morons they must think they are going to win the bowl
  6. too much time in between Jet picks, you guys are losing it, too much in-fighting going on, cant we all just be friends... Koom Bi Yah
  7. we should certainly be able to get a good guard with our next pick they are all still on the board and the next crop of qbs will be there for the early second rounders
  8. yeah i thought so to til i saw the cnn article as well
  9. wow thats pretty steep the browns will give up easily a top ten 1st rnd pick good move for the cowboys...nice story for the Browns bringing the home state kid back
  10. not sure how overrateed he is but he should be a great value pick for the browns here at 22 nad his contract will be much reduced
  11. great draft for the browns so far...anyone know what they gave up to get him
  12. i cant see him falling into the second round...but to be fair i also couldnt see miami picking ginn over Quinn lol
  13. there is no way Quinn stay on the board much longer there should be some competitioln trade wise to move up and grab him, wherever he goes is going to be a great value pick, it makes the possibility of Detriot trading their high 2nd 3rd and whatever else seem very possible cj and quinn looks more and more feasible with each pic that goes by
  14. this trade wil lbe evaluated by the performance of hall vs revis so only time will tell, we definitely addressed our need and i am sure we will get a guard Sears maybe in the lalter rounds
  15. theres the first bubble bursting for carriker fans at JN
  16. we are going to really need to solidfy our run defense this yr
  17. Damn now they are picking Quinn apart like a roast pork at a country fair
  18. Damn why did they move him out of the green room...that was a made for tv drama i would have loved to see...the Brady Quinn Sweat Show lol...they could have used the counter from 24 to tick away the picks
  19. DAAAAAAAAAAAMMMMMMMMMMMMNNNNNNNNNNNNN i am so damn happy right now...did you notice how frazzled Quinn's girl hair is getting lol
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