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  1. He is having and unbelieveable start to this season, you have to give respect where respect is due
  2. VOOD JU LIKE SOME OF MY COOGIES..... Damn i just saw Diversity day of The Office, kudos to the guys that recommended that show it is hilarious...and the one where he sent out the email pic of him and his boss, or when he wanted to get a raise...tears just tears
  3. You could of had a V-8 before you posted this
  4. But you are already taking pictures of the future if those are from 5/19
  5. As a Met fan you get a pass then because any real Yankee fan knows that in the CLUBHOUSE is where he is the weakest and needs to step up...he is an incredible FIELD Leader though.
  6. I am a fucntional zombie til noon everyday, so at times i may be a little off in the mornings
  7. Great Pics, willse a few as screen savers thanks, what kind of camera did you use, did you get it off the set of Deja Vu so you could see into the future, does it only work 1 month (5/19) in advance and do you now a good bookie, just asking lol
  8. Somehow I thought it was about the Yankees and the Red Sox...when did the change the format to base it in an individual level?
  9. some may have heard of this some not it is not SPAM cub scouts honor. http://david-heron.me.uk/blog/2007/04/08/virtual-barbershop/
  10. Now that is the truth!!! POTW Nomination
  11. Sell: not gonna happen but B/S: Arod wins the Triple Crown (BA HRS RBI)
  12. Uhmmm excuse me I have never said anything about not being loyal, the original statement you made was about ARod proving his critics wrong and I stated that his "CRITICS" are concerned with his postseaspn numbers, knowing admittedly that he is a regular season all star every year. 2004 ALDS NYY MIN W 4 19 3 8 3 0 1 3 2 1 .421 .476 .737 2 1 0 0 0 ALCS NYY BOS L 7 31 8 8 2 0 2 5 4 6 .258 .378 .516 0 0 0 0 2 2005 ALDS NYY LAA L 5 15 2 2 1 0 0 0 6 5 .133 .381 .200 1 1 2006 ALDS
  13. I agree I think someone whispered that old sports saying in his ear...Just Shut Up and Play...but again his legacy is goioing to be defined by his Post Season Flops unless he turns it around when it counts
  14. No he actually doesnt...every one knows during the regular season is always in the top 3 in Baseball...the 'critics' issue with him is that he disappears in the POST SEASON where World Series Championships are won not Divisional Pennant Races.
  15. Kool & The Gang - Kool Jazz some may not know they started out originally as a Jazz Band.
  16. Our new management got off to a great start with last years draft...they need to continue that trend this year by further bolstering our offensive line with either Blalock or Grubbs...Kendall is getting old and we need some more MEAN road graders on the inside to compliment picking up T Jones...a solid running game will make Chad who is a great play action qb even better if teams actually fear our running game, with all the acquisitions this year in regards to the DL and OLB we need to see what will shake out from the tree before adding even further to it unless there is a 330 NT with tremendo
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