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  1. Sorry about trolling, but you guys have to remember this.
  2. I'm really surprised you guys traded for him, considering the lack of heart he showed against you guys in the playoffs. When I think of the Jets defense, I think of TEAM and HEART and TOUGHNESS and TENACITY. Cromartie is none of those.
  3. What did Marty have to do with your win? It's almost a slap in the face.
  4. Ok. I'm back now. Where do we go from here?
  5. Well yeah, but on the Chargers board I post on not everyone is a homer, a lot of cautiously optimistic fans and naysayers. I'm guessing its just because you guys are in the playoffs now. I've had a little fun over the last couple days, but I cant really stand the homerism here. I'm checking out. Good luck on Sunday.
  6. I've got a question. Do you guys have any fans on this board who aren't homers?
  7. Just so you guys know, after we whoop dat ass, I'll be right back here talking so much **** that I'll probably get banned.
  8. I'm not sure where the whole "Antonio Gates can't block" theory came from but I've heard here and at a Chiefs board. Antonio Gates is a great blocker, he usually goes out for the pass though, but he is in blocking on all running plays. Seriously, pay attention to Gates whenever we run the ball this weekend.
  9. At the End of his career, I think Gates will have around 850 Receptions, 10,000 Yards, and 90 TDs. If he gets to that he'll be in for sure. As long as he doesn't get injured I think he is in.
  10. You tell me. Gates: 479 Receptions / 6223 Yards / 59 TDs Kellen Winslow: 541 Receptions / 6741 Yards / 45 TDs
  11. The difference is about 4 years of age.
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