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  1. According to Jets Confidential Dan Leberfeld on Sirius NFL radio sunday afternoon, the jets will consider the possiblitiy of going into 2007 with Chad and Kellen. They will look into using the 3rd qb slot to potentially carry an extra LB, special teamer or any defensive player. The feeling would be if the jets needed an emergency qb, they would feel confident using brad smith in that scenerio rather than carry an extra qb. personally, remember we are talking about the 3rd qb position, i think the move makes alot of sense.
  2. I just would never give up a first rounder, or even the early second rd pick at a position where there are quite a few backs available. are all as good as turner, no, and some i wouldnt want on the jets. but between mcgahee, green, either bears back, rhodes and even lewis (and i know there are at least 2 more) it seems to be a buyers market right now, no need to overpay for a back, no to mention, runningback is the nfl position with the shortest average career anyway.
  3. why would anyone want david carr. there have been plenty of qbs who have had bad offensive lines who didnt get sacked with the frequency that carr does. the line is bad, but carr holds the ball too long too. the fact the texan fans, who watch every texans game wanted sage rosenfels over carr , or the fact that the texans allegedly want jake the snake over carr should tell you what you need to know.
  4. i wouldnt say tampa and minnesota have no chance at taking quinn. gruden does not like simms, never has, and has nothing else there besides him. and minnesota, brad childress has already stated on nfl radio if a qb slipped to number 7, they would give a hard look at him, even with jackson being in his second year
  5. no Mehl, Greg Buttle, Stan Blinka even the steady Kyle Clifton who played more games at LB than any other jet
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