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  1. He’s too nice of a guy. This is not looking good.
  2. That’s ironic because I think @SAR I also has a Hyundai. He even has the 10 year, 100K miles warranty too.
  3. I agree but I don’t get mad at sh*t like this because it’s a new era. You can’t fart wrong anymore. You’ll get scrutinized.
  4. Bad quality yet we’re paying for these tickets as if we’re getting ready to watch Mahomes and the Chiefs. It’s a joke. The stadium, PSLs, ownership. It’s all a big ******* joke.
  5. Rhodes was pretty damn good. He’s very unappreciated by this organization so I do agree. Rhodes is literally twice as good as Adams and I’m not even joking.
  6. How about we burn the new uniforms completely? And burn that sh*tty stadium too?
  7. That’s crazy. He’s such a liability at this point that those comments are comical. Currently, Seahawks have better players at his position. “bEsT iN tHe NaTiOn”
  8. I want to thank Geno Smith for finally helping us out. I want to thank Shell for looking like Wayne Hunter on that 3rd down play, and I want to thank Jamal Adams for simply being an average linebacker. You can tell Adams has no idea how to play the safety position. He has two clear INTs tonight and completely botched both of them. He prolly got a concussion from the one hitting him exactly in the face mask. I mean, what else do you want you jackass?
  9. If Woody Johnson came up to me and offered me the stadium for $100, I will decline. It’s so embarrassing that MetLife Stadium was the best they can come up with. I cringe, honestly. @SAR I
  10. They’re still going to have a sh*tty defense when Wilson comes back. That Adams trade is getting better and better. Give me a top 10 pick baby!
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