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  1. I have no idea why this is even a discussion at this point.
  2. McCown is honestly worth every single penny of that contract. I don’t want to get of him. I hope this guy sticks around for years as a QBs coach. You can tell he genuinely cares about Sam and this team.
  3. I thought that last night too. Absolutely crazy. Pryor is probably our emergency QB I would assume.
  4. I’ve masturbated on my #14 jersey 3 times already. Yes I plan on sleeping with it.
  5. I swear I’ll give him my fingers. Anything for Sam!!
  6. You mean we don’t need to bring in players from the Yankees to show him how to slide?
  7. Greatest swing pass ever. Even had nice zip.
  8. Question Bowles’ coaching but do not question his hat game.
  9. I’m definitely drunk but this offense reminds me of the Texan’s offense when they had Shaub - Foster - Andre Johnson. I really like the stretch runs and play actions.
  10. Bro, there’s people that are actually playing hard unlike that fat ******* pig Mohammad.