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  1. The game is definitely getting slower for him. I’m excited for this guy. I hate to talk off-season at this point but we have to invest in offensive lineman and more weapons either via free agency or the draft. Please, no more 1st round picks on DL and DB.
  2. Cut it out man. Seriously, not cool. I hated Lee coming into the off-season because I envisioned him simply chasing TEs like he did his first couple years. He is having a great season and you have to give him his respect. Guy is ******* awesome at this point.
  3. He would instantly be our best pass rusher since Abe.
  4. I never really understood the hype Bowles gets from other coaches, players, etc. I think they slightly over hype him. On the other hand, I think Jets fans have a different perspective and completely underrate him. To be clear, I do NOT like him as a coach. I think we need an offensive guy for Sam.
  5. He’s gonna be great but you never pass on a franchise QB.
  6. Ghost

    Ereck Flowers

    This guy makes Wayne Hunter look all-pro.
  7. I HATE Collinsworth, but I would rather listen to him than the MNF crew.
  8. I agree. Sam gave him a good play in the end zone too.
  9. Ghost

    Joe must go, Joe must go

    Are you suggesting a “Todd Must Go” chant this Sunday?
  10. Ghost


    Did he seriously punt? LOL Like he actually did punt. 🤦🏻‍♂️
  11. Not gonna lie. I was on the Wilkerson wagon too. Dude played me.

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