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  1. What’s his overall in madden? That’s all that matters. Seriously tho, I’d do anything for a pass rusher. We haven’t had one since Abe.
  2. Get back in the 2nd or 3rd round

  3. PSL Owners Sue the Jets

    I go to more games than you tho. Therefore, I’m more legit of a fan than you are. Stay at home and order the pizza and wings special at Anthony’s Pizza while you watch from your mom’s basement.
  4. PSL Owners Sue the Jets

    Don’t pay him any attention. He’s just mad we can have a better seat at a fraction of the price. Oh, Jets are drafting the next Peyton Manning and tickets are going to rise? That’s completely fine. I will GLADLY pay the asking price for tickets if we get good again. Unfortauntely, we haven’t made the playoffs since 2010, our QB is still Josh McCown, and our head coach does not have a sack. PSLs is pure robbery. All that money they put into the stadium and it looks like absolute GARBAGE compared to the other modern stadiums. God bless us.
  5. PSL Owners Sue the Jets

    You’re a hypocrite. You sell your tickets to opposing fans while eating pretzels in your mom’s basement.
  6. Man I cannot get over how much balls Mac grew overnight. He went from pissing on his balls to having a Mandingo over night. I’m proud of that big nut SOB.
  7. Correction, Kevin. It’s BIG DICK MACK!!! Take the billboards down NY!! I love this man!!!!!!
  8. I’m honestly proud of Mac. This is huge. We need to hit on this guy for the sake of our health. Jets traded up to 3 without even watching Allen’s pro day so it speaks volume on how much they like Rosen and Mayfield. Let’s turn this franchise the **** around!!!
  9. Cancel the billboards! BIG DICK MACK IS BACK!!!
  10. Just need the Giants to pass on Rosen.
  11. PSL Owners Sue the Jets

    No one does. He never posts here at all unless it’s about ML stadium, season tickets, or anything related to Mark Sanchez. He thinks PSLs are the greatest things since sliced bread. Then when you disagree with him and elaborate in detail, he will tell you to go order pizza from your mom’s basement because you’re not a bigger Jets fan than he is. But he’s rich and drives a 3 series so everything’s allllll good.