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  1. You’re telling me a poster on here claimed they have “sources” inside the Jets organization and they were wrong?
  2. So did we come in today with only two 4th round picks? What happened to our other picks?
  3. 1. Hall 2. Wilson 3. Johnson 4. Hall I have to be honest, this is ridiculous. This is an absolute grand slam! JD deserves all the ******* credit in the world. I am a huge Zach Wilson fan but I’m not listening to any excuses this year. The offensive line improved with Tomlinson. We added two pretty good, big bodied tight ends. We added the best RB in college. We added arguably the best receiver in the draft. He needs to be ready and I think he will! Enjoy this Jets fans. This is awesome.
  4. I thought this was a thread about how we all thought Bryce Petty was going to lead us to the promise land.
  5. I’m not the biggest college guy but nothing he does sticks out to me. His stats are extremely underwhelming. I just don’t see the hype. A top 5 pick? Absolutely not.
  6. I cannot blame JD. I would have easily accepted the trade. Playing in Miami without certain taxes is more enticing. I will say this, Hill is going to underachieve in Miami. We must make a move for another receiver. I don’t even think DK is on the market but I will call and ask. They probably don’t want to deal with us but whatever We need to support Wilson. Davis, Moore, Berrios is not enough. That simple. We need a bonafide #1 receiver!
  7. Trade for DK, please. Find a way to acquire this guy without giving up 4 or 10. Then we can focus on pass rush, corner, DT in the draft.
  8. I’d love this but we need a WR. Unless we find a way to trade for DK without surrendering 4 or 10.
  9. How the **** did JD manage to get a 6th round pick for this guy? Hahah
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