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  1. At least you’re not the idiot that ordered a Wilson jersey assuming he was going to pick #1. Of course, my luck, he chooses a different number.
  2. I’m really loving the fact that our running game is looking good. I am a huge believer of running the ball to open up the pass. A strong running game, in this offense, will be huge for a rookie QB in this scheme that is focused on playactions will be huge.
  3. @SAR I If you see Fireman Ed, tell him we want him back in the stadium!!!
  4. I think JD had enough of seeing Mike White and James Morgan I am ecstatic at the moment!!!!
  5. The reason I’m frustrated is because I do not see a solution in the near future.
  6. This is so annoying! Who the **** cares. Get him signed!!!!
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