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  1. He’s def been playing better. We should have Q and Leonard switch jerseys to boost Leonard’s trade value.
  2. Beachum should never return. He can’t pass block to save his life.
  3. He’s great. Anyone that thinks otherwise is simply arrogant and used to not having good things.
  4. I actually like Romo as a commentator.
  5. Dude, he’s the ******* MVP of the league. Honestly, think about it. We are complete sh*t without him. I never cursed so much at that DT that horse collared him. Like horse collar me you a$$hole, don’t horse collar Sam.
  6. At least Richardson flashed before. Leo is GARBAGE! A team will be idiotic to give up a 2nd for him.
  7. You guys are ridiculous if you think a team is giving up a 2nd round pick for this scrub. I’d gladly eat crow.
  8. I’d take Jerry Jones over Woody and Chris Johnson every single day of the week.
  9. You’d bust before you pulled your pants down!

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