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  1. He’s horrible. I think most of us are mad because a majority of us bought in. He was a great character guy, worked hard, from the area. On top of that, he was productive on the field. He may never had the sacks that we wanted but he played hard and occupied blockers. Hes doing the absolute complete opposite of when he was playing for a contract. The guy is a cancer to our locker room the faster he goes, the better.
  2. What do you mean to not worry about him off the field? He hasn’t done anything negative since the Jets signed him. Although he hsnt really produced in the past 5 games, I do believe he has some credit to Kearse and Anderson’s success. It will be a no brainer to re sign this guy. Now am I saying throw Gronk money? Hell no. But there should be absolutely no reason why he cannot come back as a starter or backup. He’s a good guy to have in the locker room. I like that fat defensive lineman we have that takes playoffs off and shows up late to meetings. That fat pig.
  3. I saw something that he was late again today to a meeting or a practice. Either way, he’s an atrocious leader and has taken an emermous step back as far as production on the field. His motor is nowhere near where it was before he got that contract. I figured a home home grown talent would bust his ass, I figured he wanted to prove to people that he deserved that deal. I, along with a lot of other people were 100% wrong. The guy is an absolute cancer to the locker room and I want him as far as away from the young talent we have. Guy is a piece of sh*t. Cut him, and the Jets save 11 Million I believe.
  4. It was such an idiotic move. Nothing against Kerley because he came in and actually played pretty well. I believe at one point McCown was a perfect 17/17 when targeting Kerley but we invested a 3rd and a 4th round pick in receivers. Give these guys playing time. Practice can make you better, but I also believe playing in a real game with unfamiliar opponents will improve you as a player. All our draft picks should get an increase in playing time for the remainder of the year.
  5. Baker Mayfield

    His frame is definitely a cause for concern, but I feel like everyone takes a risk when selecting a QB in the top 5. I remember Paxton Lynch was supposed to be a 2nd round guy and he ended up going in the 1st. Mayfield is a baller bro!

    What’s the point of finding a franchise QB if we don’t have the right guy in charge to coach him up? Bowles need to go. I’d like to keep Mac and give him the opportunity to bring his guy in, but as far as Bowles, I don’t want him anywhere near our franchise QB if we draft one.
  7. Baker Mayfield

    I don’t believe so. Mahomes was projected to a be a late 1st round pick to a 2nd rounder last year but got moved up on team’s boards. We cannot sit back and not be aggressive this year even if it means moving up to #3. At that point, we will be guaranteed either Darnold, Rosen, Mayfield.
  8. Anyone want to put in on a billboard? Lmao seriously, I’ll chip in tho. 80 Million in cap space, top 8 pick, bunch of young players that can take another couple steps forward with better coaching. This can be an intriguing place for a coach. Fire that bum!!!
  9. Kelvin Beachum

    QB in the 1st round. Sign any offensive lineman or two in FA, and draft two other ones even if that means having them be backups for their rookie season.
  10. I was on the tank wagon before the season and quite frankly, throughout the 1st half of the season. I gave up on it. Personally, I would rather see some of our young guys compete, show hope, and grow as players. Adams, Maye, Lee, Williams, R. Anderson, Kearse, ASJ, McQuire are all players that have shown promise. If our front office love a QB in this upcoming draft, there should be absolutely no excuse to not get him. Whether we have the #1 pick or the 12th, we should trade up to get our guy. Two playoff teams in the Texans and Chiefs did last year, and got their guy. I'm all in on Mayfield, and I hope the Jets FO feels the same. Give up multiple picks and/or players. You will NOT win in this league consistently without a consistent QB.
  11. I hate this guy. Cannot believe some people were classifying him with Watt. I was an advocate of giving him an extension, but I was drastically wrong. I pray he does not get hurt for the remainder of the games. First thing we should do is cut him and send a message. **** him.
  12. Ryan Shazier

    This is not good for football. I feel like this season has been a failure in so many ways.
  13. Sick of Mo. can’t stand the guy. I wish he was hungry like before but he gotta go in my opinion.