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  1. If he wins a SB before that expiration date then sign me up.
  2. I don’t care if Sam throws 5 interceptions per game. He has no offensive line, no running game, no tight end, and no consistent receiver. If you think he’s the issue, then you’re completely wrong. I am not saying he’s the perfect QB but give the guy at least a couple seconds to throw. Get him some consistent playmakers. Sam is NOT the issue. Our lack of playmakers and our lack of protection are the issues.
  3. I honestly cannot recall a time we had this awful of an offensive line. This is awful.
  4. Looked like he was held. Come on man, give us a ******* break.
  5. Go for a win. We’re taking the best DT prospect anyway.
  6. Absolutely ridiculous! They were scoring 40+ each game. Now they cannot even crack double digits. All that talent on their team and they’re looking below average.
  7. Some of you sound ridiculously sensitive. Man the **** up. Everything Adams does is literally under a microscope. “Oh I hate this guy.” Holy sh*t. STFU!
  8. I eat those every Sunday in my mom’s basement. Then I’ll ask her if I can do some chores so she can order me a pizza.
  9. I forget how to spell his name at times 😂
  10. I’m just going to tell myself that we took him with the 3rd overall pick and we took that DT out of Alabama with the 6th round pick. Makes me feel a little better.
  11. Guy is weird. He doesn’t even play.

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