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  1. He sucks. He says the same sh*t every year.
  2. Happy birthday. @DLJ will knock out like 3/4 of the people on this board. The other 1/4 will prolly let her.
  3. Can they just demolish the entire stadium?
  4. I have a weird feeling that JD is Going to ultimately steal this guy from GB.
  5. Make a video for @The Crusher
  6. False. He gave Jets credit the moment we whooped their ass in GB. He complimented us multiple times.
  7. I’m starting to think it’s not Rodgers that’s holding this deal up. It’s the Packers and they’re asking price. **** them.
  8. Seriously have a feeling we don’t even find out today.
  9. Can we trade CD for a bag if Lays chips? 7th rounder?
  10. This guy is better than Davis. 11 per year is good for me.
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