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  1. I think every roster has some of those players. Robby Anderson, we know his story. Trumaine Johnson, was consistently late to meetings. Jermaine Kearse, called out the offense. Sometimes you have to take a risk.
  2. What has he done tho? He’s recently questioned Eli’s decisions but do you really blame him?
  3. I completely understand why everyone is against having these players in the locker room. However, I’d take OBJ. When was the last time the Jets have had a player of his caliber? Never. Giants will not trade him.
  4. I have to do my research before picking a team this time. I learned my lesson from last time. 20+ years of absolute misery, depression, heartache.
  5. Ghost

    D.K. Metcalf

    I’d rather draft a ******* long snapper than a defensive lineman. I don’t even want any defensive players anymore. Pick an offensive player for once!!!!
  6. This would be hilarious. If they trade Brown, I can definitely see them doing this. **** Bell and the Steelers. While we’re at it, **** the Pats.
  7. Ghost

    What a joke the nfl is

    As much as I want to blame the refs, I can’t. If I had told you that the Pats were only going to score 13 points, you would have bet your left testicle that the Rams were going to win. Rams averaging around 30 PPG and only came out with 3. They got simply out coached and out played. I can say one thing with confidence, Sam Darnold is not that far from Goff, if he is at all.
  8. If I had a ugly girlfriend, I’d show her with the lights dimmed too. We have one of the ugliest stadiums in the league, especially at the price it cost. On top of that, the stadium is located in New Jersey 🤢 The stadium is lifeless. Absolutely ZERO energy in that thing.
  9. Ghost

    Antonio Brown

    Can you imagine seeking attention like this every single day? As great as he is, he can single handily divide any locker room. Keep him away from us.
  10. Ghost

    Dream trade down scenario

    I will cum in my hand and slap myself if Bosa is there at 3.
  11. This guy is annoying. Such an attention whore.
  12. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL Literally top 3 coaches we’ve ever had.

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