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  1. Breer On Josh Allen

    Trade up. I don’t give a **** what it costs. We need to get our guy or we’re going to continue being the team we are today.
  2. The NFL has a big problem

    Can someone name me some teams that are actually exciting to watch? Seriously, someone help me out. Eagles - They are actually one of those teams that are fun to watch. Young QB that had gotten so much better. Patriots - Simply because I hate them and love to root against them. Packers - Rodgers is hurt. Almost unbearable to watch. Saints, Seahawks, Panthers, ALLLLLL boring. Rams - Pretty exciting. Young team that has gotten so much better. AFC South - Trash. AFC WEST - I only enjoy watching KC and Oakland. North - only the Steelers worth watching.
  3. The NFL has a big problem

    The NFL is absolutely horrible to watch. I watched 10 minutes of the game night and I had to turn it off.
  4. MNF

    I hate to say this but football is absolutely terrible! This game is almost as boring as our game yesterday against the Bucs. First and foremost, why is this game even on prime time? Even if both clubs did not have any form of injuries; this will still not justify this game. No wonder ratings are down.
  5. Max, Do you know whether or not he's permanently back?
  6. Tampa game HUGE test

    This is crazy to say but I really believe we have a legitimate chance at the playoffs. Unfortunately, we have the hardest remaining schedule of all the teams. I do believe 9-7 can possibly get us in the playoffs.
  7. Laugh at me if you would like but I would seriously consider offering this guy a coaching position after the season.
  8. I love me some fireman ed!!!!
  9. Jets enter top 10

    Seriously, look at our schedule. There's a chance we do not win another game.
  10. Jets waive Jalin Marshall

    How can anyone be surprised? The guy can't catch a cold if he tried. More playing time for Stewart.
  11. 13 more games Mo. Just STFU and play out the season without any excuses. It's the least you can do.