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  1. I’d much rather trade him to the Cowboys tho. 1. They’re in the NFC. 2. They’re projected to have a worse record than the Ravens. Therefore, their draft picks will obviously be better. But as a fan of Adams, I think it’s time.
  2. JD and the Jets literally have ALL leverage. He’s ours for the next 3 years! If a team comes in and sweeps us off our feet, they can have him.
  3. The difference is the Steelers draft well enough to have their replacement already on the roster.
  4. He’s so underrated.
  5. This is the Nnamdi situation all over again. I joke. I think Ryan will make our team better tho. If he signs with Miami, then we can focus on other key free agents or wait until roster cuts.
  6. I think that’s the plan. I highly doubt it happens this year. This is more of a 2 year project in my opinion.
  7. I agree with everything you said for the last part. I’m done with Shepherd.
  8. Good riddance. I’d rather have that lady that called our opener game last year than have Booger. 😂 And why do people call him Booger!!’
  9. Absolutely sign this guy! And absolutely cut Winters.

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