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  1. Ghost

    Cowherd Mock

    I don’t want anything to do with Williams.
  2. Ghost

    Draft Trade Rumors

    I’ll sign up for that right now. I cannot see McCoy dropping to 46.
  3. Ghost

    Draft Trade Rumors

    You think Lee for Clowney is interesting? This is a joke, right? Although I am not a big fan of Clowney, these two players should not be compared. They will laugh at us if we offered something like that.
  4. Ghost

    Draft Trade Rumors

    I remember back when Mangini took over, he drafted Ferguson and Mangold, both in the 1st round. We need to build our line. Trade back, acquire as many picks as possible this year and next, and draft a center or LT!
  5. This is not true. A team would have traded for him already. I’m not buying any of this.
  6. Ghost

    Frank Clark

    Yeah, I’ll pass.
  7. Ghost

    Frank Clark

    We’re in a bad position honestly. If we are going to trade for him, I would say it would be on draft day while we trade back with a team to acquire more picks.
  8. Revis got robbed from DPOY in 2009. I have never seen a corner dominate as much as him since Champ Bailey did with Denver. Revis will always be my favorite defensive player.
  9. Ghost

    Frank Clark

    I will NOT trade a 1st. Yes, he is a proven product but you have to trade a 1st + turn around and give this guy 15-17 million.
  10. Marcus Maye needs to actually stay on the field and make plays. I’m getting sick of this guy.
  11. Ghost

    Ed Oliver vs. Quinnen Williams

    I’m not crazy about Williams. I think Oliver is going to be a beast but we need an OLB more than anything. We haven’t had a serious pass rusher in about 15 years. This is crazy.
  12. Ghost


    Coolest ******* guy in the world.
  13. Ghost

    NFL Schedule Released Tomorrow April 17th

    I wanted the Steelers early. I like it for the most part. MNF against the Pats is gonnna be crazy!!!

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