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  1. Pace also had multiple seasons not eclipsing 5 sacks. He was extremely average rushing the ball and played the run very well. In my opinion, Jenkins reminds me of him.
  2. It bothers me how Gase cannot utilize Bell, who is easily one of the most versatile players in the entire league.
  3. Playing defense and running the ball is the main ingredient to winning football games. Both will require a solid offensive and defensive line. We fix that, and we’re a playoff team. Invest in the offensive line!!!
  4. Bell is NOT the issue. Are you guys crazy? Our sh*tty offensive line is the damn issue. Put him behind the Titans OL and I promise you Bell will get 1,500 all purpose yards.
  5. It’s extremely unfortunate that Mosley and Williamson couldn’t be on the field together. That would’ve been a very good linebacker duo. Unfortunately, Gase had Williamson playing deep in a meaningless preseason game. Personally, I’d bring him back and focus on re-signing Jenkins. I’d also sign a CB and a pass rusher.
  6. True story: My boy is in law school in Tampa, FL. He knows a girl that hung out with both Kelce and Mahomes on Friday night. She apparently snapped a picture of them with a tremendous amount of weed on the table.
  7. Romo is my favorite commentator at this point and it’s not even close. Booger, on the other hand, needs a new career. This is not for him.
  8. I honestly cannot put in words how much hatred I have for Trumaine Johnson. He can seriously go to hell.
  9. They can all ROT IN HELL!!!! Demonic rats.
  10. Ironically we blew a 16 point lead against the Bills and now they just blew a 16 point lead. Also, Josh Allen and Sam Darnold should not be used in the same sentence. Ever.
  11. I cannot for the life of me get over the season Tannehill is having in Tennessee and the season Parker is having in Miami. just ridiculous.
  12. I don’t think Robbie at 10 is bad
  13. Anyway we can convince Q to retire? I love him but that contract is ridiculous. He needs to either be cut or take a drastic cut.
  14. Who do you think he got mono from?
  15. Ridiculously bright. He’s growing and he’s growing without a #1 receiver, without a safety blanket tight end, and with the WORST offensive line in the ******* league. Sam Darnold is the future.
  16. As long as Sam has not lost faith in him then everyone should just relax. SD is literally the most important person in NY.
  17. I’ll pass on the extension part. He has years left on his contract to prove he is capable of running an NFL franchise. The lack of talent and offensive line should be a reason why Gase is brought back.

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