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  1. Oh, I’m there. Sharing a stadium in NJ hurts our identity. Also, if this thread doesn’t get @SAR I out of retirement, then absolutely nothing would.
  2. I’m being serious right now but I would happily accept genital herpes if it meant Jets move to Queens and leave that ugly ******* turd called MetLife. That has got to be the ugliest, stupidest design in all of sports. Like how did the Jets manage to downgrade? Moving back to Queens and having the stadium of our dreams would do wonders for this franchise.
  3. It’s almost embarrassing. These “primetime” games have been ridiculous.
  4. Normally I’d agree but Kirk Cousins is really good at 1 PM games.
  5. DWC needs to be unbanned!
  6. Thankfully it’s 80 outside and zero participation.
  7. I always liked Hughes. I also think Mac Jones ******* stinks.
  8. I know we’ve said this for about 10 years but he’s washed. He’s literally done.
  9. I agree. It’s unfair for the defense. These guys gave up 3 ******* points and you couldn’t even win? At this point, he’s below a QB who “manages” the game. Like how do you not win when your defense gave up only 3 points? He sucks. The fact he didn’t take accountability was a low blow to the team. You got Josh Allen, arguably the best QB in the league (it’s Mahomes), taking ownership when the Bills lost last week and you, Zach Wilson, can’t? What!
  10. I’ve been one of those guys that flip flop on Wilson mainly because he has sh*tty games and then bounces back the following week and makes remarkable throws. It’s hard to believe he has yet to take a true step forward. We have a GREAT defense, our special teams is awesome, he’s holding us up. He shouldn’t have this type of game. If it was his very first or second start ever, I would understand but we need to stop holding this guys hand. IF we make the playoffs and that’s a huge IF, this type of QB play is unacceptable. I wish we had a dependable backup but honestly can it even get worse than 9 completions and 77 yards? It’s embarrassing.
  11. This has to be one of the worst performances. It was so anemic.
  12. This was just horrible. Less than 100 yards passing is just unexplainable
  13. It’s much better than Giants Stadium but can we not have great things? I wouldn’t even call it average.
  14. He’s waiting until the off season to go to Turkey with Saleh. One gets his ACL repaired, the other gets a hair transplant. BOGO
  15. Speaking of stadiums, anyway we ever get our own?
  16. I wish John Allen the absolute best but I’m not going to sit here and have sympathy for him or their fans. I seriously hope he’s not hurt but did anyone care when Becton’s fat ass got hurt? How about Fant? Did anyone care when our all-pro guard played 80% of the positions on the line and then got hurt for the year? How about our home run hitter, Hall?
  17. All of these people can kiss my ass. I don’t want them to even mention us. **** them.
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