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  1. Kick him out already please. I can't stand him.
  2. I think Nick Mangold's sister is preety hot.
  3. I would never ever forget that. That was terrible.
  4. I don't think he is comfortable with our no huddle offense.
  5. Haha I didn't say who would we pick up, who the hell would take Ramsey ?
  6. Just get his ass our of the AFC EAST pleaseeee.
  7. Leave PA and go to San Diego. The ladies, the weather, its just perfect. Except that fact that New York is across the damn counrtry.
  8. Ovie Mougheli would break your facemask. I pick him.
  9. Yeah I agree, but wouldn't they want a WR or a LB/DE with Thomas leaving.
  10. Starbury better step up. On the other hand the Lakers have a 3 game winning streak.
  11. I love the pick but I think he might fall to one of our 2nd rounders. Building a young OL would be sick.
  12. Carriker is going to be way gone before we are up.
  13. New Jack City Godfathers Donnie Brasco Carlito's Way Heat Scarface
  14. Of course I know who Kobe is. I am a die-hard Laker fan. I could careless about T-Mac.
  15. BWAHAHAHHAHA ---------------------------- Didn't he go with like 81,000 to a strip club ?
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