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  1. Rule #1 - NEVER start a game thread on a Saturday. Holy sh*t.
  2. Jamal Adams thinks he’s a great player in this league and that’s just hilarious.
  3. We neglected the center position for two years in a row now and that is on JD honestly.
  4. 0 points is unacceptable. At least have some ******* heart and be slightly competitive. I am a HUGE JD fan but he needs to be criticized immediately. He neglected the center position and the right guard position and it’s biting us in the ass.
  5. Not that I’m happy but Tyler Lockett looks like he got seriously hurt. I do wish him the absolute best but having him not in the game is a huge blow to the Seahawks
  6. I don’t remember a more incompetent offense and that’s saying A LOT.
  7. We’re not a 2-3 win team, come on. I bet you anything we double your prediction.
  8. Did you expect to make the playoffs this year? This year is all about Zach. If he can have a bounce back game on Sunday, that is literally equivalent to a win.
  9. You’re so negative dude. You can be walking down the street, find a $5 bill, and will complain it’s not a $20.
  10. Kevin, I’m going to pray for you. I feel bad for the ones that have to live with you.
  11. Well, according to someone who’s a huge advocate of both the stadium and the uniform, the actual structure of MetLife is supposed to represent the material used to build skyscrapers in NYC and that is why our stadium should be comparable to the other stadiums.
  12. I have zero worries about Zach Wilson. All of his errors were rookie mistakes that can easily be fixed. Where are the easy, QB friendly calls tho? Have we ran a screen yet?
  13. Uniforms are trash but nothing is worse than that stadium
  14. I normally go to about 4 games per year. I get to pick and choose the games I go to. I also payed probably 35% of what season ticket holders pay for their ticket. Makes absolutely no sense. Jets tickets are not scarce because the product on the field has been consistently trash.
  15. Jets fans, always settling for mediocrity. Whether it’s the team’s production, the jerseys, the stadium, whatever. “Ehhh, it gets us by.”
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