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  1. I don’t know if this was posted but this is crazy.
  2. I wish I can smack people through the internet.
  3. Mike’s coming back. He just wants us to lose hope and he’s going to show up and lead us back.
  4. Offensive line needs to play better than they did in that series or we will lose. It’s that simply.
  5. The jerseys are ******* trash. Green, white, blue, green, yellow. They’re absolutely TRASH! The stadium is even more trash though. Carry on. SAR, GFY.
  6. OBJ is talented. He’s stuck in an offense where the QB is absolutely atrocious. He’s constantly being under or overthrown. Is he the same player he was 6-8 years ago? No. But he’s not this bad. Mayfield just sucks.
  7. I was just thinking that if a QB, whether it was Wilson or White or whoever ever win a super bowl here in NY, they will become one of the most famous people of all time. This city is dying for winning so if you can help this team achieve that, you’ll never have to buy a beer for the rest of your life.
  8. Bengals, Colts, Bills, Dolphins. L L L L
  9. He’s too nice of a guy. This is not looking good.
  10. That’s ironic because I think @SAR I also has a Hyundai. He even has the 10 year, 100K miles warranty too.
  11. I agree but I don’t get mad at sh*t like this because it’s a new era. You can’t fart wrong anymore. You’ll get scrutinized.
  12. Bad quality yet we’re paying for these tickets as if we’re getting ready to watch Mahomes and the Chiefs. It’s a joke. The stadium, PSLs, ownership. It’s all a big ******* joke.
  13. Rhodes was pretty damn good. He’s very unappreciated by this organization so I do agree. Rhodes is literally twice as good as Adams and I’m not even joking.
  14. How about we burn the new uniforms completely? And burn that sh*tty stadium too?
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