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  1. This is nuts. Sauce got an INT, Hall got a 80 yard TD run, JJ got a sack, GW going toe to toe against a damn good corner, Elijah Moore making plays. I pray these players turnout to be corner stones for the next 10+ years.
  2. Thank you Jesus!!!! I hope he bangs 100 moms in that span and heals better than ever.
  3. I know JD values his picks but we cannot go into the season with our current projected offensive line, even if we sign Brown. There’s got to be someone in the league that will take a 2nd or 3rd round pick for a starter. Our entire roster is filled with high quality players and I wouldn’t be opposed of taking a possible “headcase.” Ultimately , we have to do what is best for Wilson.
  4. We should’ve traded this guy when we had the chance. This happens to us every ******* year.
  5. This is getting outta hand. We should’ve traded his fat ass when we had the chance.
  6. So I take back what I said honestly. I was at the scrimmage and it’s so much harder to observe a player in person. I noticed multiple receivers also had multiple drops. I would like if he avoided the INT tho.
  7. This guy is constantly hurt. It’s ridiculous. Something that may seem minor to him can actually be drastic.
  8. I’m here and Wilson’s performance is extremely under whelming.
  9. Are they selling food at the stadium tonight?
  10. I may have an extra ticket or two. Let me know.
  11. Is parking free for the scrimmage Saturday?
  12. ZW really needs to be consistent. We cannot have this type of sh*tty ass offense in the regular season.
  13. Does anyone know if we have to pay parking for the scrimmage next Saturday?
  14. Can you send the link? For some reason, I cannot find anymore.
  15. Does anyone have an extra green-white ticket for the scrimmage.
  16. I’ve never been to the annual scrimmage. Do people normally tailgate? Do I have to pay for parking? I’m going to multiple games this year so I would finally like to meet some of you ugly people. Another question, does anyone have an extra ticket? I have 4 already. However, my girlfriend’s sister now wants to go.
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