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  1. I cannot blame JD. I would have easily accepted the trade. Playing in Miami without certain taxes is more enticing. I will say this, Hill is going to underachieve in Miami. We must make a move for another receiver. I don’t even think DK is on the market but I will call and ask. They probably don’t want to deal with us but whatever We need to support Wilson. Davis, Moore, Berrios is not enough. That simple. We need a bonafide #1 receiver!
  2. Trade for DK, please. Find a way to acquire this guy without giving up 4 or 10. Then we can focus on pass rush, corner, DT in the draft.
  3. I’d love this but we need a WR. Unless we find a way to trade for DK without surrendering 4 or 10.
  4. How the **** did JD manage to get a 6th round pick for this guy? Hahah
  5. I’m really hoping we get Williams today. I want nothing to do with Gilmore and I honestly cannot see JD giving a 32 year old corner a lucrative contract. The draft should be interesting too. If any of the pass rushers are available at 4, you absolutely pull the trigger. If not, I would totally trade back, even if it’s a couple spots to take Sauce. I don’t think he makes it to 10.
  6. Let’s ******* go!!! Helluva start, JD!
  7. I’m a JD supported but this is discouraging. We really couldn’t offer a better deal? Cooper - Davis - Moore is a really good group.
  8. Name a FS we’ve had in the past 20 years that even remotely compares to Honey Badger.
  9. I like this trade for the Chargers especially after the Broncos acquired Wilson. Bosa and Mack is easily the best rushing tandem.
  10. Ghost

    DK Metcalf

    Alright it might’ve been bad but it’s not as bad as you make it.
  11. Ghost

    DK Metcalf

    Their current QB is Geno Smith. If they move up to 4, they can essentially pick the QB they like the most.
  12. Ghost

    DK Metcalf

    This really needs to happen. We need this guy! Would you guys do this? Seattle receives: 4th Overall Pick + 2022 2nd round pick + Mims for 9th overall pick and DK?
  13. Ghost

    DK Metcalf

    Honestly, I would. What receiver are we going to get thats going to equate to DK or his potential? I just do not see Seattle trading a 24 year old stud for their 1st round pick. Talk about an off-season revolving around Wilson. This would be the move to make.
  14. Can you guys get off this guys sack? He did all the essential drills. He still had a pro day. What’s the big problem? He can eat a bologna sandwich and you guys will start a thread. He would INSTANTLY be our best pass rusher since 2000. Pairing him up with Carl Lawson, JFM, and Q will be a nice addition to our front 7.
  15. Hopefully we can get him in the 2nd. Hopefully he’s nothing like Jace Amaro.
  16. Some of you are being dramatic. Who cares that he compared himself to a player? Everyone does. If this dude is available at 4 and we do not take him, then I do not know what to think. If he’s there, draft him. Some of you are totally over analyzing everyone word this guy says.
  17. I would do that trade in literally a second. DK - Corey Davis - Elijah Moore is tough! + draft a tight end or sign one. This is how you support your young QB!
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