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  1. Can a team have been any less prepared? Honestly, this is so awful to watch. Like I understand losing and all but we cannot get a yard and we cannot stop them ONCE. THIS IS WITH RIDLEY BEING OUT
  2. This can get really ugly. Defense has been on the field already for 23 snaps.
  3. That Crowder drop killed us. How the duck do you drop that ducking ball?
  4. My man! I busted your balls last week for starting it on a Saturday. You keep starting that damn game day thread any day you like!
  5. This is one of the best moments of my life. What a feeling. **** Jamal Adams. I hope he gets kidney stones and has constant diarrhea for the rest of his life.
  6. This is ridiculous. He’s getting his ass whooped by everyone
  7. Season tickets have never crossed my mind. I would much rather hand pick the 3-5 games I want to go to every year. If this team ever gets so good that season tickets are going to be even more expensive, I will gladly pay the inflated price. As of right now, I cannot fully dedicate an entire day just to watch them play in person on Sunday.
  8. Imagine if Carl Lawson was playing No joke tho. Bryce Huff might be my favorite defensive player on our team. I’m rooting so hard for this guy.
  9. My best friend is a huge Cowboys fan. “He’s always chasing and in the wrong spot“
  10. I wouldn’t do that commute either but I know the housing market in NJ/NY is just ridiculous. You can get a 4 bedroom house in Allentown for 80 to 120K.
  11. There’s Easton, PA that is so close to NJ/NY. They rather buy a cheaper house and make the commute from Easton, PA to either NJ/NY.
  12. This game is awful. I might go to sleep. Raiders stink.
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