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  1. Are you kidding me, since when do owners care about saving money for fans. Woddy knows he has a waiting list of people ready to buy season tickets so he can charge whatever he wants for PSL's. We are also talking about the guy who charged people 50 bucks just to STAY on the waiting list. So you might want to wake up from lal la land.
  2. The worst NFL franchises

    No one has mentioned the Bills???
  3. Damn are they going to sell the naming rights to the bathrooms and toliet seat too?? Just think you are taking a dump and you go for the TP and all of a sudden you hear "Thank you for whiping your ass with Charmin" It makes me wanna puke with these billionaires like WJ squeeze as much as they can out of the government and the little guy when they themselves could pay for most of the stadium out of their own pocket.

    If I was the Raiders I would pick this guy up in a second and draft Chalres Johnson
  5. If these plans fall through I think they should build a stadium out in Suffolk County on the the old Pilgrim Psychiatic Hospital Site in Brentwood. Ok I know your reatcion, to far from the city, BUT with Citi Field taking over the Shea Stdium site where else in the city can you build a football stadium? Also, the majority of Jets fans are from LI and the Pilgram site its only about 30 miutes from Queens, and 20 minutes from central Nassau county. The property is close to the LIE and is large enough to suport a stadium project. It also allow plenty of space for tailgating which at the WS Stadium would have happned. Here is the local on the map, zoom in to see the property; http://maps.google.com/maps?hl=en&safe=active&q=Pilgrim%20Psychiatric%20Hospital%2C%20Brentwood%20NY&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&um=1&sa=N&tab=wl
  6. When does the schedule come out?

    It would be awsome to have the Jets playing on Thanksgiving, to bad it won't be against Detroit. Have the Jets every played on Thanksgiving?????
  7. When does the schedule come out?

    Sorry, looked at 08 by accident Dallas or NYG could be another good national match up
  8. When does the schedule come out?

    Looking at the opponets list I could see the following games being nationally televised Jets vs KC Jets at SD Jets at Sea I thinK the networks (NBC,ESPN) would choose KC at the Jets since they were both playoff teams and the obvious connections with Herm coming back to NY
  9. Watching ESPN this morning and they said Wash may be trading up to take Johnson, and this got me thinking. Johnson seems like the only cant miss pick of the up comming draft, and thinking of our future with Clemens big arm, would it make sense to trade our 1st and 2nd rounders to move up to the thrid spot. Also consider the fact that it seems that with the 25th pick we MAY not get a bonnafied starter. Is Johson worth it????
  10. Retired # or Jetway of Honor???

    Ok here is a longer list of who should be in, I AN NOT INCLUDING RETIRED # OR FUTURE RETIRED # Mathis Philban Boozer Snell Todd Gastineau O'Brien Toon Bryd Coach-Parcells Chrebet Mo Lewis Marvin Jones Mawae Testaverde
  11. Retired # or Jetway of Honor???

    Great Idea Names I would include of players over the last 10 years Lewis Martin Mawae Testaverde Coaches- Parcells
  12. Will #28 ever be retired??

    It was allready retired 2 years ago????
  13. In the future do you think the Jets will honor Curtis Martin by retiring 28? It's obvious that he will be a HOF'er, and I would have no problem with it. Should any one elses # be retired as well?
  14. Make your own NYJ Shoes!!

    What do ya think ????
  15. Make your own NYJ Shoes!!

    This one is perfect for Bills fans