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  1. Maye, too. He's been a heavy hitter and excellent tackler. He was great last season, but seems to me to have stepped it up a notch this year. I think he's an underrated force on the defense. Same for the NT rotation : Pennell seems to routinely upset the opponent's interior running attack. He's a nice surprise, too.
  2. Geez. To me, Williams looked dominant today. He was in the backfield all day. Very impressive.
  3. Rosen had at least two concussions in college. For me its a significant red flag.
  4. Also, it seems to that there were too many timeouts for a veteran QB. Critical mistake in a close game.
  5. Lately, our home stadium is filled with at least 30% opposing teams' fans. So there's a floor for "fan" support.
  6. That's cool. A big factor in my giving up my seats is that my kids aren't really into it. They love hockey. Go figure.
  7. I thought about it for a long time and decided to give up my PSLs. I listed them on some exchange sites and didn't get any bites by the time the Jets forced me to either pay for this season's tickets or give up my rights. So I walked away from the PSLs. Four seats in 113 at the 50 yard line. The PSLs have negative value because those seats are so expensive. No one would pay for the right to pay $700/ticket to see the Jets. It'll feel great not having to pay top dollar for preseason games. And there have been something like four home playoff games in the 31 seasons that I had tickets So it's not like I'm walking away from too many premium events. I'll go to one or two games.
  8. Yup. And, above all, I'm hoping it gets much younger next year. And smarter and more dynamic. But none of this has anything to do with what Quinn has done in Atlanta.
  9. Maybe, but it's a young unit. Three rookie starters. Four second year starters. Seems like a pretty solid achievement to me.
  10. Fitzpatrick deserves a D. His TD should have been intercepted. But, worse, he's so darn inaccurate. Watching him in contrast to Big Ben was especially depressing. Ben was hitting everyone in stride. Fitz, not so much.
  11. I like the delay. It separates the play itself from the commentary. Radio is great for injuries, penalties and info like key blocks, etc. It enriches the experience for me. Plus I like the Jet broadcasters. On the downside, it's a bit antisocial. My Solomonic solution is to go with just one ear bud.
  12. Lorenzo Mauldin. I like the things he said after the last game. He seems to be an accountable dude. He's not going to take his position for granted. I think he will 'flash' tomorrow night. (I think he qualifies as a sleeper for purposes of this thread)
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